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ZOOM Descent 3
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (DESCENT3PR)

Requires 3D Acceleration

Outrage Entertainment / Interplay


ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated violence


9 out of 10 from PC Accelerator

93% from PC Gamer

from Computer Gaming World

Over 30 Cunning Robots - 20 Merciless Weapons

The gut-wrenching descent saga continues with more pulse-pounding action than ever before. Dive into massive subterranean strongholds and experience a whole new degree of freedom, as you careen through canyons and craters on the surface above... powered by the all-new Fusion engine. Test your piloting skills against an army of battle drones and assault-bots using an extensive arsenal of tactics and heavy firepower. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the descent universe, filled with new friends and old enemies, as the plot twists and turns with each daring mission. Prepare yourself for an explosive new 3D action experience that will turn your world INSIDE... OUT!

Over 30 Cunning Robots

Powered-up and on patrol, Gyro has orders to terminate all intruders. Outmatched and cornered, he's not above calling for backup.

Waiting to make good on his six-gun promises, the Gunslinger is cool, calm and collected. Make your first shot count as it may be the only one you get.

Brute forcce with a badge. Tubbs is out to give trespassers a pounding. If you don't watch your back, you'll never know what hit you.

Old Scratch
Deadly alone, and a nightmare when in packs. Old Scratch's razor sharp claws are more than enough to clip your wings.

20 Merciless Weapons

Napalm Cannon
Blaze a path through the mechanized minions with a searing new close-quarters incendiary weapon - the Napalm Cannon. Fuel your inner pyromaniac as burning robots collide, ignite and explode - now you're playing with fire.

Cyclone Missile
Release the hounds with a hungry new heat-seeking Cyclone Missile. A dogfighter's wildcard, the Cyclone streaks after your target until you choose to detonate it, unleashing a ravenous pack of six mini-missiles to hunt down your prey.

Mass Driver
Built with the sniper in mind, the powerful new Mass Driver's telescopic range-finder zooms in for the kill while keeping you out of harm's way. But fire every round like it is your last - you may only get that one perfect shot.

Frag Missile
Scour enemy defenses from the mines with stinging flak of the chaotic new Frag Missile. Campers beware, whether hiding around the corner or waiting in a darkened corridor, there is no escaping the shrapnel fury of the Frag.

Fusion Engine Dual-Engine Technology

Descent 3's all new Fusion Engine blasts you seamlessly from inside to outside. Melding a flight-sim engine with a room-based, structural engine allows the action to race on at full speed, with no interruptions, indoors... and out.

Best Multiplayer Out of the Box

Descent 3 arrives fully optimized for Internet play over a modem. Remember the intuitive simplicity of Descent 1 and 2 network play? Now it's that easy to battle hordes of Descent fanatics around the world.

Polygon Acurate Collision Detection

All objects have mass, velocity, moments of inertia, and other real-world properties. Blow off a robot's arm and watch it bounce off a wall and fall to the floor. Launch a missile and see your enemies rocked back from the blast impact.


Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP: IBM compatible PC Pentium 200 (Pentium II 300 recommended), Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6.1 (included) or Windows NT4.0 with Service Pack 3, 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 300 MB of hard drive space, 6x or faster CD-ROM drive, at least 4MB of texture RAM on your video card, DirectX certified sound card, keyboard, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse.

Required Chipsets: nVIDIA: Riva TNT*, Riva TNT 2*, Riva 128; 3Dfx: Voodoo 3*, Voodoo 2*, Banshee*, Rush, Voodoo; ATI: Rage Fury 128*, Rage Pro; S3: Savage 3D*, Savage 4*; Rendition: 2100 V2200; other: matrox G200*, Intel 1740 (*recommended chipsets)

Descent 3 tested OK (runs great!) on Windows XP. Descent 2 installs on XP using compatibility mode on SETUP.EXE. The keyboard controls work but the joystick does not.


PC Accelerator, August 1999

There have been a number of games trying to snatch the sci-fi shooter throne from the Descent series, but make no mistake and accept no substitutions, the real deal is back, and it's terrific.

PC Gamer, September 1999

"...Descent 3 borders on perfection. You'll be floored from the minute you start playing - and you'll still be finding stuff to 'ooh' and 'aah' about even after you've spent dozens of hours with it."

"But Descent 3 is first and foremost a game of combat, and Outrage pulled out all the stops to make this one of the wildest, most gratifying shoot-'em-ups ever devised. You can tell the designers like to see stuff blow up, because every explosion and detonation results in near-psychedelic clouds of smoke and flame followed by showers of debris..."

"With all this going for it, the single-player game alone would be worth the asking price, but Descent 3's multiplayer options bring new meaning to the phrase 'replay value.' Nine different modes are included, such as old faves like Anarchy (free-for-all), Team Anarchy, and Capture the Flag. But Outrage has also created some pretty interesting variations like Monster Ball (shoot or guide a ball into a goal), Hoard (you earn points for bringing orbs to your base), and Entropy, a complex mode where you must safeguard your bases and use their production to capture the enemy's bases...."

"The somewhat complex controls may make Descent 3 tough going for those who haven't played the previous games, and to see it in all its glory you'll need an extremely fast system (there probably isn't a system fast enough to run the game with everything jacked to the max, in fact). but that doesn't change the fact that this is one incredible achievement. It's definitely a must-buy for anyone remotely interested in the Descent series - and unquestionably a front-runner in anyone's Action Game of the Year list."

Computer Gaming World, September 1999

"Right from the five-minute opening movie, you know that you're in for a visual treat. This year's Descent takes full advantage of everything 3D acceleration has to offer, with fluid, crystal clear graphics that never overshadow gameplay - no mean feat considering the impressive lighting effects and enemy robots with distinct moving parts. Everything looks crisp and feels just right, right down to the explosions."

"Forget the sterile feel of the mines from the earlier games. This time around you'll be immersed in a variety of beautifully textured environments and will even take the flight outdoors as you soar across sweeping planetscapes and through towering canyons. Descent 3's engine is as seamless as Tribes when it comes to moving between indoor and outdoor areas."

"Descent 3 is simply one of the most solid action games out there, with superb visuals and silky smooth gameplay. Once you get used to the freedom of movement, expect addiction."

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