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ZOOM Delta V
$14.95 (DOS) (With Manuals) (DELTAVPO)


Suitable for all audiences


3 stars from Computer Gaming World

Requirements: IBM or fully compatible 80386 33 MHz; 80486 66+ MHz highly recommended, Keyboard, (Microsoft compatible), mouse or Joystick preferred, 614,400 bytes (600 K) free conventional memory and 2 MB EMS (2.5 MB EMS w/digital audio) system memory. <8 KB for miscellaneous save/config. files on hard drive, single speed or greater CD-ROM drive, VGA graphics.


Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"Delta V from Bethesda Softworks is a member of that class of action games I call 'trench runners'. The premise is simple: you rocket down a ditch or tunnel at high speed, dodging obstacles and blasting enemies. At the end of the trench there is some big baddie to be destroyed, or some special gizmo to be snagged. As trench running games go, Delta V is a gorilla, with obstacles and bad guys coming at you fast and furious."

"Delta V wants to be more than an arcade-issue trench running game. To that end, they've wrapped the basic arcade heart of the program in a futuristic cyberspace scenario."

"It is the far future, the year 2306. The world's computers are interconnected into the vast Global Internet. With the aid of a special computer called a 'sense deck', you can jack into the 'net - entering a virtual world where data and programs appear as solid objects and colored lights, painted directly into your mind. With the right combination of hardware, software and skill, you can ride these visible data pathways, firing programs, probing databases, moving information from here to there."

"Now, you are at the mercy of Bosco Tasman, big wig of the Black Sun corporation. He has crashed your deck and plucked your soul from the Galactic Internet to do his bidding. Accept Tasman's offer and you'll go to work doing just what you've always done - crashing ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics) and stealing data and code. Only now you'll be targeting Black Sun's corporate rivals and enemies."

"It can be hard to find good, old-fashioned action games for the PC - games that achieve immersion by sheer dint of speed. And it's as an action game that Delta V really shines, providing arcade action at its pure, unadulterated best. I feel like I should shove a quarter into my disk drive every time I fire it up."

"On a fast machine - a 486DX50 or better - this game screams. It has what our friend calls the 'duck factor' - it'll have you sweating and ducking your head to clear on-screen obstacles. If you're looking for this kind of fast-paced arcade style action for your PC, you might want to give Delta V a try."

"If you're looking to drop 60 or 70 bucks on a realistic, challenging flight simulator and immersion in the cyberpunk world, buy yourself a copy of MiG 29 and a paperback of William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'."

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