Delphi Super Library II

Delphi Super Library II - C.E.I.I. - Jewel Case - Win95/Win3.1 - $14.95



Essential Tools for Delphi Porgrammers

More mysteries of the Delphi revealed! New: Supports 32 bit programs. This CD-ROM includes the best collection of Delphi codes, programs, tips and reference materials from worldwide sources. Learn fromt he masters and program Delphi like a pro.

SaveFormVersionInfoUUCode converterTAccumulator (ordinal values)
SaveGridwInformationLED digit controlFrequently Asked Questions
GemDialZipcodes databaseMinotaur librariesHi-res timer component
AS400ABC for DelphiGETDATA & MSGPASSThtmlViewer component
WavemixPrint previewTMultLangImageLib Pro version
AppLaunch! Delphi helpercomponentGraphic light indicator
TButtonBar EPC controlsData-aware outlinerPop up calendar component
TEMScroll PASSWORD.DLLCaption controlsPumpkin project organizer
TCrossTab Delphi User GroupResizes componentsReportWorks component
TcsNotebook Standard About.. boxPopupBox componentPrint preview component
TDBCoordFile access objectsPerseus VCP labelsWindow messages handler
TVElasticColor glyph buttonPerseus VCP sliderDelphi screensaver template
DbiAddAlias acMenus componentsPerseus VCP wheelAISINIC component editor
Math LibraryTDIALER componentStructure browserOver 100 pages of Delphi tips
TNumberEditStreamable objectsPythia macro engineXceed zip compression library
TODBCImageTAdrockCalendarEdit 32 Bit function callsDBListIt data control
ccGraphicButtonFlic animation player for DelphiMaelstrom TDBOutline component Newsletter in WINHELP format
Gray formsBDE Alias ManagerTAlphaPanel VCL componentAdd paging to Delphi apps
InfopowerBasic functionsTAnimated componentBisonWare file parse control
Scream dreamAnimated iconsProcFinder pop-up windows utilityTVS-Property-editor for graphics
Control arrayBackup dialogLookUp-combo controlsAccess Lotus 123
AWK componentJoystick routinesDisplays grid with each cellAnd hundreds more!

(Contents subject to change without notice.)

Requirements: 386 or faster, 8MB RAM, VGA, Windows 3.1 and Win '95

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