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ZOOM Jagged Alliance:
Deadly Games
$9.95 (DOS) (Retail) (DEADLYGPR)
All remaining boxes have a very small hole in the lower right front cover.

SirTech Software



B+ from PC Games

9 out of 10 from Computer Player

You Wanted More Muzzle Blazing Fun...

The enemy is on the run. One more mortar shell should take them out. Still, you have to blow up the bridge by sundown, and Postie is starting to talk to himself again. Maybe you shouldn't let him keep that dynamite...

Lock and load: it's time for Deadly Games. From the makers of Jagged Alliance, 1995's Game of the Year (Power Play magazine) comes the multiplayer strategy game with more new features than you can shake a grenade launcher at:

More Ways to Play. Play the new solo campaign, or use the free second player CD to play by modem, network, or serial connection. New fast-paced mission play, with dozens of scenarios and campaigns, and over twenty mission types.

More Power. The included scenario editor provides infinite replayability. Create your own maps, traps and enemies. Use the campaign editor to create your own deadly games.

More Mercenaries. Choose from 70 different mercenaries, including 10 new mercenaries - plus all 60 of the original Jagged Alliance mercs.

More Weapons. Fun new war toys include mortars, grenade launchers, boobytrap kits, and more.

More Terrain. Skirmish through jungles, deserts, towns, and frozen wastelands. (Don't slip on the ice!)

More Speech than Ever. Over 6000 lines of digitized speech, including new comments, taunts, and insults.

Multiplayer Mayhem. Blast a buddy by modem or serial connection. Thrash up to three of your friends on a network. Or, play solo against the computer.

Abuse Your Friends. Deliver more than 250 different spoken insults to your opponents with the Taunt feature. The Chat feature lets you deliver your own customized abuse.

New Worlds to Conquer. Battle it out in desert heat or winter snow. Track your enemies by their footprints - or by their blood trails. Take them down with new weapons like the grenade launcher.

Make Your Own Deadly Games. Want even more action? Use the powerful built-in editors to create your own missions and campaigns and upload them to the Internet.

Meet the Mercs:

Postie. A disgruntled civil servant, Jack Durham left the Post Office just before he flipped out. With the help of his therapist and a strong union, Postie became a mercenary, allowing him to vent his frustrations and earn some serious cash doing so.

Scope. As a former member of the British Special Forces, Sheila "Scope" Sterlin was stationed in Belfast. She is an expert sharpshooter, trained in the art of urban warfare. Scope is a professional with impressive credentials.

Plus 68 others.


IBM & 100% compatibles, 486/66 MHz Processor, 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM (double speed), PC/MS-Dos 5.0 or higher, mouse, sound card for speedh, music and sound effects (most makes supported), 256 color VGA graphics.


PCGames, December 1996

"Deadly games, the follow-up, builds on that solid foundation with features requested by the game's devoted following - a multiplayer mode, scenario and campaign editors, and a weapons shop - and a lot more of the good stuff that made the original a hit in the first place.

"If you haven't played Jagged Alliance - and if so, why the hell not? - you've got a wonderful surprise in store. I was a relative late-comer to this turn-based 'role-playing strategy adventure,' and was quickly captivated by its natural interface and its infatuation with the personal over the technical. In sipirit, this isn't so much a stratgy game as a mission-based adventure."

"The new features are natural inclusions, and nicely executed ones at that. The scenario editiors are almost as intuitive as the game itself, and the second CD for multiplayer play is a thoughtful touch. Indeed, the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way about Deadly Games was the zoom mode for the map, which always deposited me to the top rather than centering on the active merc."

Computer Player, December 1996

"Once again, guns and money form an unholy alliance in Deadly Games - sequel to the popular Jagged Alliance. The original is a turn-based strategy game in which you hire a team of up to eight mercenaries to complete increasingly dangerous missions. The sequel's gameplay is almost identical, but a few new bonuses have been tossed in for good measure."

"As with most turn-based strategy wargames, each mercenary has a set number of action points. Every action a mercenary performs costs you some of these points, and terrain - especially water - can easily gobble up a mercenary's total action points for a turn. Part of the challenge is allocating your action points wisely to complete the mission objective without cutting it too close. This gives you a chance to collect loot."

"Additional terrain, mercenaries and weapons breathe new life (and death) into Deadly Games. With the scenario and campaign generators, scenario/campaign editor and modem and network play, the overall playing time is considerably longer than that of the original Jagged Alliance. Although Deadly Games doesn't sport SVGA graphics, it's the gameplay that really counts. And in gameplay, Deadly Games excels; this makes it one of the more lethal and satisfying contenders in the always competitive strategy wargame market."

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