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ZOOM The Day the World Broke
$12.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (DAYBROKEPR)

Houghton Mifflin Interactive


Ages: 9 and up

Can You Fix It?

"Hey there! I'm Bud, one of the engineers for the World Works, the machine that runs the world. I know that probably surprises you, but really, we don't have time to explain now. See, we're having a little problem.

Something went wrong. I mean really WRONG.

Earthquakes, floods in the desert, rivers drying up, flying get the picture. We think there might be something stuck in the machine...and, the biggest problem is...we need someone to help us out.

Listen, I GOTTA GO - the Amazon just drained into the Sahara and all the camels are floating away!"

You must embark on a great quest, traveling to the center of the Earth to right what went wrong. Discover the secrets of your planet's past, uncover the lost world of the mechanimals, and do it fast.

If you can't fix it, the future will be history!


  • A captivating storyline that unfolds in different ways each time you play
  • Innovative interface that allows you to converse with the Mechanimals
  • Breathtaking, fully navigable environments designed by renowned artist David Wiesner
  • Rully rendered 3D characters with unique personalities
  • Over 22 hand painted locations
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay
  • Over 1 hour of dialogue


486/100 MHz or higher (Pentium preferred), Windows 95/98/Me, 12MB RAM, quad speed CD-ROM drive, MPC2 compatible sound card (22KHz, 16-bit), SVGA display (256 colors), mouse, 6MB free hard disk space.


Quandary Reviews by Rosemary Young

"Journeying to the centre of the Earth has never been easier. Jules Verne would have been surprised to learn that there's an elevator to take you part way there, and then there's the Earth's axis too; a red and white striped barber's pole so that you can slide effortlessly from the North to the South Pole."

"On arrival in the centre of the world you find it is populated by a hoard of weird, part-mechanical, part-organic creatures; the descendants of the dinosaurs who were sucked in during the previous disastrous tune-up. They call their habitat the Mechanimal World, and it's a charming world to explore with some crazy creatures to meet, all of whom have very strong opinions of each other, and some very strange beliefs..."

"The Day The World Broke is loads of fun with some amusing puzzles, excellent graphics and a range of entertaining and imaginative characters. All of this contributes toward making this a wonderful game that offers its own unique explanation for the disappearance of the dinosaurs."

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