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ZOOM Dawn Patrol
$14.95 (DOS) (With Manual) (DAWNPATPO)

Rowan Software / Empire Software


Suitable for all audiences


3½ stars from Computer Gaming World

83% from PC Gamer

The system used to create Dawn Patrol has taken quite a few man years to develop and involved many members of our team. We believe that we have brought you some of the best flight technology available.

But Dawn Patrol is more than simply a technological tour de force. It deals with one of the most exciting theatres in the whole of aviation history - the first use of aircraft in the First World War; to highlight the pilots and their aircraft as well as the rush to achieve air superiority. It soon became very clear to us that this was a very large story indeed. As the war progressed, so the fortunes of both sides in the air fluctuated. This was an intensely personal battle between individual flyers, sometimes employing quite unorthodox tactics in a wide range of aircraft. Many accounts of their experiences have been described in print.

That's why we decided to base Dawn Patrol around an interactive 'book' of the air war. It means that we've been able to provide chapters on the history of the air war, the most famous aces and the aircraft they flew. That has allowed us to deal with many of the most interesting aspects of the conflict. Thanks to contemporary accounts, we can let you take part in recreated aerial battles and missions which are very close to those actually flown by the men on both sides of the conflict.

Our preoccupation with pre-jet flight simulators is based on the observation that early aerial battles were a lot more exciting than those employing modern technology. In the first air war there were no heat-guided missiles to aim in the general direction of the enemy. The aircraft approached each other at speeds that were slower than the fluttering of an eyelid. In the midst of battle it was possible to imagine that you could see the whites of your opponent's eyes. That's why we are sure you will enjoy Dawn Patrol

-Rowan Software

Requirements: IBM or 100% compatible PC, Minimum 386 SX with 25 MHz processor or faster, 485 KB conventional memory plus at least 70 KB further conventional or UMB memory, At least 2.2 MB of expanded memory, VGA or SVGA graphics card, PCDOS/MSDOS 3.0 or above, CD-ROM drive, At least 400 KB free hard disk space for minimum installation.

Optional: Joystick, Mouse with Microsoft compatible driver, AdLib or SoundBlaster compatible audio card, Roland MT 32 or LAPC.


Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"To my pleasant surprise, Dawn Patrol has proved to be very replayable. This is possible thanks to the fact that you can modify the number and types of aircraft involved in almost every mission. Nearly every mission can be flown for either the Germans or the Allies, and on many 'repeat' missions (I told you, the AI is good) you'll find the enemy appearing from a different direction than they did previously, sometimes lower, sometimes higher. There's always a factor of unpredictability thrown in, and the possibility that a mission you thought you'd mastered will master you instead."

"Changing the number of planes or their types makes a big difference: you'll find yourself replaying the same mission over and over again, seeing how three Spads would stack up against four Albatrosses, then five Fokkers, and so on. Of course, the key enjoyment is seeing all those different beautiful airplanes."

"All in all, Dawn Patrol offers a lot of flying time for the money in a very unique format. As they say about movies, this one has to be seen."

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