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$19.95 (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (DARKSTPR)

3D Accelerator Required

Publisher: Delphine Software Inc. / Gathering of Developers

ESRB rating: Teen (Ages 13+)



A from  Just Adventure

8 from

Is There a Dragon Slayer Within?

The world is living under the dark shadow of a nefarious dragon. Villagers are turning to stone. Armies of skeletons, swarms of wasps, and lumbering ogres lurk everywhere. Evil is spreading like a vine. And only you can stop it.

Scattered across the kingdom are seven ancient magic crystals which together invoke the power of the Orb. Without it, you have no hope of defeating your firebreathing nemesis. You will creep through dungeons and castles, explore wilderness and glades, and encounter traps, curses, and puzzles on your quest to unearth the crystals. It may take months. It may take years. It may take away any hope you ever had of living a normal, productive, twentieth-century life.

Fully 3D characters and environment. More than 100 evil creatures based on 30 character types. 32 levels of dungeons. More than 200 enemies and interactive characters.

Complete camera control - zoom in, zoom out, and rotate 360 degrees. Simultaneous control of two characters. More than 30 types of weapons; many have multiple variations.

8 playable characters (male or female) based on four castes - warrior, thief, magician, or monk. Supports multiplayer mode.

Random quest generator ensures maximum playability. You get new maps and new quests each time you play.


The unfathomable darkness of the forest was interrupted only by the anemic flicker of torchlight. The deeper into the forbidden place we ventured, the greater my feeling of doom. I could feel a presence watching us just beyond the edge of darkness. We were not alone. As we reached a clearing, the air began to move. A hot wind blew and our ears met with a hideous hiss. Curse Drakk! This was the dreaded swarm of giant wasps of which the villagers had warned. What happened next is story best told over a warm ale at the village tavern.


The hordes of poisonous spiders that reside in the dark, moist crevasses of the dragon's lair be the creatures I despise the most. If there were ever a living thing more worthy of annihilation, I know none. Hurling my flaming torch to the ground and extending my arms toward the heavens, I conjured a cloud of deadly poison which felled the entire lot of giant arachnids. My thoughts turned to the cursed village I encountered earlier in my quest. Every man, woman, and child had been turned to stone by an evil spell. Their frozen countenances still plague me. If only my magic were strong enough to release their poor souls!


As I was encircled by an ever-increasing legion of the vilest creatures ever to crawl the earth, my painful and tormented death appeared inevitable. In the face of evil, I resorted to the only comfort I had ever known. I dropped to my knees and prayed. And lo, my god did not forsake me! Rising up like a holy warrior with divine strength, I thrust and slashed my way through the underbellies of the unforgiving creatures until all that remained were pools of green fluid and twitching piles of flesh.


I held my breath to quell the waves of bitter bile rising from my stomach. The air of the dungeon was heavy with the malodor of decomposition. The walls were crusted with a heavy black substance I took for dried blood. Oh hellish place! The scaly demon had set many traps. One foolish misstep and the floor could drop from beneath my feet, or a forest of bloody spikes could impale me in an instant. And so I carefully continued onward, remaining undeterred by the Skeleton Captains guarding the lair.


Windows 95 or 98: Pentium 233MHz MMX or equivalent (266MHz recommended), 32MB free system RAM (64MB recommended), 170MB hard disk space (380MB recommended), Direct 3D compatible or 4MB 3D accelerator card, DirectX 6.1 (recommended), DirectShow (recommended), 8x CD-ROM.


Just Adventure, by Adam Rodman

"There is a surprising lack of games like Darkstone--games that are simple enough for the average gamer yet complex and immersive enough for a veteran RPG fan. Darkstone deposits the player in a mysterious fantasy world. Controlling either one or two characters, he or she must begin an epic quest to free the land from evil ..."

"...Essentially, Darkstone is a dungeon crawl. Fortunately, the game is different every time it is played. There are twenty quests available, and seven are chosen every time a new game is started. Even if the player receives the same quest twice, the dungeon structure is different and monsters are placed in different locations....Lots of nice features have been added to place this game above its competition, namely Diablo and clones. No more leaving thousands of gold coins laying around--there is now a bank to place them in. No more dumb characters--even a warrior can learn spells, just as a mage can learn to fight. There are a few features that could've been left out, though. Eating is one. The characters get hungry a lot..." by foOk (8/17/99)

"...You are in a 100% 3d environment with a full roaming camera (zoom in or out, turn in any direction, or play with an overhead view if you prefer). This adds a GREAT new feeling of immersion to the good old fashioned dungeon crawl... On the other hand, the characters aren't as "cool" looking. The female monk character is a skinny, goonie looking girl wearing a white tutu and carrying a club bigger than the upper half of her body."

"Everything works well. I haven't seen a game in a LONG time that really drew my attention to how great it sounded. This would probably score slightly above average, except that every time I cast a flame thrower spell, when the critters crackle and pop under the flames, my speakers are overdriven slightly."

"GOOD THINGS: There's a nice new selection of spells. Some are direct lifts (Magic Gate, which conveniently puts up a portal directly to town from wherever you are in the outside world) and others give a new feel to the game (invisibility, haste, slowness, fear, confusion). They've added in a skill system to further diversify the different classes (there are 4 base classes, with both male and female variants of each main class). They've added a BANK (for the love of god, why couldn't Blizzard have added this! I wonder how many millions of 5k piles of gold I left behind in Diablo because my inventory was full) and your characters need to eat food to survive..."

"BAD THINGS: Dungeons are not randomly generated, which is probably the biggest downfall of the game. Instead, Darkstone has a large database of quests..."

"...If you loved Diablo, you'll love Darkstone..."

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