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ZOOM Dark Side of the Moon
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only! (see below)) (Retail) (DARKSIDEPR)

Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive


ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated violence and mild language


90% from PC Gamer

A- from JustAdventure

from Adventure Gamer

A Sci-Fi Adventure

Prepare yourself for the most revolutionary adventure game ever created.

As the central figure in an epic science fiction story, you'll struggle to learn the ultimate secret behind your uncle's mysterious death. Your quest will take you to the depths of a dangerous mining colony on the far side of the galaxy. But be warned. Nothing is what it seems. And the stakes are much higher than you could ever dream.

Go beyond static screens, expressionless polygons, and randomly placed puzzles to the next generation of adventure gaming: Dark Side of the Moon - an experience so real and so suspenseful, you'll have to keep reminding yourself: It's only a game. It's only a game. Welcome to the Dark Side.


  • Explore a beautiful 3D world in full motion video-reality
  • Solve challenging, story-based puzzles
  • Confront deadly adversaries in your race to the truth
  • Talk to real characters with lives and secreta all their own
  • Battle some of the most terrifying alien creatures


Windows 95/98 only, DirectX 5.0 or better (included but can be skipped), 166 MHz processor, 32MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit Windows compatible sound card, 150 MB of free space on C:/ drive, 2 MB SVGA graphics for 640x480 high color (16-bit), Microsoft compatible mouse or other pointing device.

This will only run without problems on older slower machines (the P166 listed above is perfect).


PC Gamer, May 1999

"I'm not sure how they do it, but SouthPeak's 'video reality' technology lets you move 360 degrees through a fully interactive environment comprising some of the silkiest full-motion video images you've ever seen. The result is movie-quality imagery wedded to moody, atmospheric backgrounds.

"But great video technology has never been enough to make a great game. Most of the credit for this game's excellence goes to veteran screenwriter Lee Sheldon (whose last work was the ambitious Riddle of Master Lu from Sanctuary Woods, released just before that gutsy little company went belly-up.)"

"If you want to see what an extraordinary difference a really good writer can make, just embark on the adventure in Dark Side of the Moon. Sheldon's a 20-year veteran of TV, having scripted programs as diverse as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Charlie's Angels. Lee's a two-time nominee for the Edgar award for his mystery scripts, and he's been a Writers' Guild nominee as well."

"The result is that, not too far into Dark Side's complex story, you'll realize that something rather magical is happening: you feel actual emotions for the characters, whether you're attracted to them or fear them. The story is utterly non-linear; there are hundreds of paths you can take: no 'missions,' no 'levels,' no 'side quests.'

"Dark Side is distinguished by a rich narrative. Even the puzzles, some of them quite fiendish, are fully integrated into the story, not just thrown in as padding to give the player something to do."

"The game not only features an outstanding script (and generally solid acting that brings it to life), but movie-quality environments. A gripping story, fully realized characters, spectacular environments, even a seasoning of whimsy - all of these combine to create a unique gaming experience. In short, Dark Side is one the best adventure games I've played in a long time."

JustAdventure by Craig White

"I've been immersed in the world of Southpeak Interactive's Dark Side of the Moon now for weeks. After finally finishing the game, I can now say that I am speechless - it's that good. If you've played Southpeak's first Video Reality game, Temujin, and found it to be disappointing, you will be happy to hear that Southpeak has learned its lesson and showed us how such an engine can make an excellent game. Move over, Mask of Eternity and Grim Fandango, because Dark Side of the Moon is here to take over the spotlight."

"Despite the annoying disk swapping, I found the game to be extremely enjoyable. While I am not a huge sci-fi fan, the story drew me in and kept me on the edge of my seat. The game is creepy and will make you jump up in the air at least once, and then you'll look over your shoulder to make sure no one saw you. Such a deep game as Dark Side of the Moon gives you the feeling that you truly got your money's worth. If you thought Grim Fandango was a classic, wait 'til you set your eyes on Dark Side of the Moon."

Adventure Gamer by Nick Saveliev, April 1, 1999

"...All these plot twists provide a very involving, atmospheric story full of interesting subplots and great atmospheric elements. Kudos to Lee Sheldon for molding one of the best sci-fi stories I have ever seen."

"All in all, Dark Side of the Moon is a must for all sci-fi fans, as well as people starved for a good ol’ adventure..."

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