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ZOOM Curious George Young Reader's Series
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only!) (Retail) (CURGEOYRPR)

Houghton Mifflin Interactive


Ages: 2 to 6

Skill Building Games and Activities

For over 160 years, Houghton Mifflin's award-winning educational materials have introduced children to the joys of learning. Now, from Houghton Mifflin Interactive, comes an exciting educational series specially designed to make learning to read fun. The Curious George Young Readers' Series gently challenges children to build critical reasoning and reading skills in a magical environment. Welcome Curious George into your child's life. And share the timeless appeal of a children's classic cherished by generations. In this exclusive bundle pack you get a complete series of activities which will be the first tools your child will use to learn to read. Self-paced learning activities with multiple skill levels offer hours of fun.

This package includes a small Curious George stuffed toy.

Early Learning Adventure

The ever-so-mischievous monkey is at it again, this time in exciting arcade games. He's hunting down circles, targeting triangles, and having the time of his life with patterns, shapes and letters. Come join the fun in a series of skill-building games specially designed for active learners.

  • Jingles Jukebox - You're a poet and you don't know it
  • Pie Fight - A hilarious pattern matching game served up with plenty of whipped cream
  • Star Patrol - Learning about shapes, letters and colors is a blast
  • Super Fruit Catch - Catch fruit in seconds flat - or watch it go splat
  • The Puzzler - Choose your challenge from 4 to 16 pieces

ABC Adventure

Everybody's favorite monkey goes bananas over the ABC's. Fly high in a sky-writing plane, play letter games at the zoo and go fishing in an alphabet lake. Come join the fun in this lively exploration of alphabet sounds, shapes and pronunciations. Multi-level activities provide an unbeatable foundation for pre-readers.

  • Postcard Capers - That mischievous monkey has knocked over the postcards. Can you help sort them?
  • Bakers Dozen - A challenging matching game set in George's favorite bakery.
  • Go Fish - Reel in all 26 letters from the alphabet lake.
  • I Spy a Butterfly - Search for animals, from A to Z, in a zoo full of animated surprises.
  • Sky Writer - Take to the skies in a high-flying, letter writing adventure.

Visits the Lake

Whether he's racing a sailboat, building a kite or flying off with his balloons, George always finds fun-filled activities at the lake. Surprising stories unfold as you explore with Curious George.

  • Kite Store - Choose the style, shape and color of your favorite kite for George to fly
  • Off to the Races - Pick your favorite hull and sail to build your own boat and win first place in the sailboat race
  • Flying Balloons - Help George navigate through the sky with his runaway balloons

Skills Your Children Will Build

Ages 2 to 5
PreSchool Basics Early
  Listening Skills
  Pattern Recognition & Matching
  Same & Different Recognition
  Rhyming & Alliteration
  Mouse Skills
Ages 3 to 6
Letter Development ABC
  Letter Names & Shapes
  Alphabetical Order
  Basic Letter Phonemes
  Matching First Letter Sounds
  Sorting By First Letter
  Listening Skills
Ages 3 to 6
Learning Activities Visits
the Lake
  Pattern Recognition
  Problem Solving
  Decision Making
  Computer Orientation


Windows: 486/33MHz or higher, Windows 95 or 98 (Only), double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound card (22KHz, 16 bit), SVGA display (256 colors), mouse, 12MB free hard disk space.

For more information about Margret and H.A. Rey and Curious George see Curious George..

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