Solid State Pinball:

Crystal Caliburn

Solid State Pinball: Crystal Caliburn - Starplay - Retail - Win/Mac - Sold Out

Included in Pinball Madness from Encore.

Little Wing/ Starplay Productions, Inc.


Suitable for all audiences


4 stars from Computer Gaming World

Three MultiBall and two 3D ramps.

Requirements for Windows: 386 DX - 33 MHz or faster processor, Microsoft Windows 3.1, 256 color Super VGA display (640 x 480), 4 MB RAM, Sound Blaster or Windows compatible sound card.

Requirements for Macintosh: System 6.0.7 or higher, 13" or larger monitor with 256 colors, 4 MB RAM, Compatible with System 7, AV models, and the Power Macintosh.


Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"One advantage of Windows games is that setup is generally a breeze, and this game was no exception. My first surprise upon starting the game was the assault of sound effects presenting the fullest range of cheesy pinball sounds you'll hear this side of Bally's factory."

"The display speed was incredibly fast on a 486SX33, without any of the expected delays and dragging normally associated with Windows action games. The pinball hopped, skipped and ricocheted around just like a real pinball - I was amazed. The flippers were most responsive, allowing for both touch passes and power drives."

"As any real pinball enthusiast knows, there is always some thin storyline associated with getting the ball in the right place and racking up a big score. Caliburn is set in the Arthurian legend, with Merlin, Excalibur, Camelot and the like and, in tribute to Starplay's first game, old Sir Tristan himself makes an appearance in the game. Basically, every trip through the ramps at the right time allows you to 'Accolade' one of the Knights of the Round Table. Should you gather all of the Knights to your table, and should you be able to make a ramp shot under heavy time pressure, you've achieved The Grail."

CD-ROM Today, February 1996

"True, Caliburn doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other games. But that's because the game's designers made a conscious decision to emulate arcade games of the 1980's, which had a only few ramps and a three-ball, multiball function. Still, Crystal Caliburn has its charms. While it consumes only half the screen, it's easy to see everything at once, and there's no annoying scrolling to deal with. The game's timed challenges make it really maddening to win. Another plus: The physics of the ball is almost as good as on Sierra's game."

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