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ZOOM Brian Lara Cricket
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail Box) (CRICKETPR)
NOTE: Does Not Work on Windows XP or 2000

Publisher: Codemasters


92 from Sports Gaming Network

The Game of the Century

The ball's flying at you faster than you can think. You're playing on instinct and gut reaction. Knock it for six and you're a hero - miss it and you're history. Brian Lara Cricket - catch it!


15 International Teams:

  • England
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan
  • Kenya
  • Bangladesh
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • UAE
  • Scotland
  • West Indies
  • India
  • Zimbabwe
  • Holland
  • Ireland

Over 240 Players

Bat, bowl or field against the biggest names in international cricket, with the latest fully detailed real-player statistics

46 3D modeled Stadium

Compete at a staggering 46 locations around the cricketing world, in fully accurate environments with motion captured players

7 Tournament Types

Play a variety of matched from a 10 over slog to a 5 day test

  • Friendly
  • Knockout
  • Classic Match
  • World Cup
  • Test Series
  • World Series
  • Test Season

Re-live classic matches

Re-create memorable matches as they were originally played or try to change the course of history

Variable weather

Day and night matches with varying weather and pitch conditions

Expert commentary

From cricketing greats Geoff Boycott and Jonathon Agnew

Full practice facility to improve your batting and bowling in the nets

Player records and performances constantly tracked

Action replays to review all the action from a wide choice of camera angles


Windows 95, 98: Pentium 166 MHz with 4 MB 3D accelerator or 200 MHz without 3D accelerator (Pentium 200 MHz with 4 MB 3D accelerator recommended), 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM), 90 MB free hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 6 supported sound card.



Sports Gaming Network by Jon B.

"Gorgeous. That's the simple way to explain the graphics of Brian Lara Cricket (Lara). It's a full 3D-polygonal feast and, for the first time ever, with a good enough graphics card and a large enough monitor you can fool people who watch from a distance that they are watching a real match on the television ."

"Lara is simply the best cricket game I have had the pleasure of playing. It's also one of the best games I've played period."

"This game has three main difficulty levels: Village, County or Test. For a short game you can also set the computer to Slog Mode which means the CPU controlled batsmen will be aggressive all the time. The Village level is easy enough to get to grips with and the Test level is hard enough to provide a long term challenge."


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