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ZOOM Creatures 3
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (CREATUR3PR)

Publisher: Mindscape


Even in a Virtual World - There's Real Danger

Over a thousand years ago, the ancient civilization of Shee left the world of Albia in a giant spaceship to find a new home. When the Grendels attacked them during the flight, they escaped to their new planet's surface, abandoning the Norns and their spaceship in orbit.

But the Norns are not alone, and with your help they can thrive. You'll find a host of advanced machines to help you - all of which can be plugged together to make a huge automated device. But watch out for Grendels, a breed of vicious mutants. Remember, even in a virtual world there are real dangers.

New Adventures - New Worlds - Improved Creatures

These are not the Norns, Grendels and Ettins of Albia present -they are the creatures of Albia past. There are Grendels that will hunt your Norns down, steal their belongs and hurt them. Ettins that hoard machinery in their desert world. And frightened Norns - ready to discover the secrets of the Shee spaceship.

A completely new world, over twice the size of Creatures 2 and divided into five environments - each with their own ecology!

Connecting agents allow you to take machines and plug them together to make super machines

Brand new user interface, with easy communication and interaction

More intelligent creature interaction

More cool machines, plants and animals than you've ever imagined

One of the World's Most Advanced Artificial Life in a
Vast, Stunningly Detailed Environment

Creatures 3 represents some of the most advanced artificial life available in a consumer product. The Norns, Grendels and Ettins behave as though they are really alive. Explore a vast living spaceship, discover incredible machines, and defend your Norns against a vicious breed of hunting Grendels and some of nature's worst creations.


Grendels: Grendels are violent and have no table manners. Their powerful sense of smell lets them track down their favorite target - Norns - and the best delicacy of them all - Norm Eggs..

Norns: Cute, loveable and endearing, the Norns are often the victims of Grendel violence and Ettin impish behavior.

Ettins: The Ettins are hoarders and builders. If you don't lock it up, they'll steal it and take it back to there desert world.


Norn Terrarium: Specially designed for Norn care, this world contains everything you'll need to hatch, teach and care for your Norns.

The Bridge: This is the control center, with rows of screens, buttons, lights and switches.

Engineering: The heart of the Shee spacecraft, containing the power source for all ship operations. Also the home of the devices for creating, replicating and recycling machines.

Jungle Terrarium: The dark, gloomy and dangerous hideout of the Grendels, containing the sewerage of Nature. Many of the plants have teeth and those that don't spit poisons or excrete deadly toxins.

Aquatic Terrarium: Two vast tanks, both filled with interesting sea life. The water creatures can be moved between tanks.

Ettin Terrarium: The perfect home for the industrious Ettins. You may find gadgets that the Ettins have stolen from the other areas of the spacecraft.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 200 MMX, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, 16 bit sound card, 2 MB 16 bit color SVGA display adapter (800 x 600 resolution), 32 MB RAM, 300 MB of free hard drive space. Both the graphics and sound cards require DirectX Compatible drivers.)

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