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ZOOM The Creatures Trilogy
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me) (Retail Box) (CREATTRIPR)

Publisher: Creature Labs / Encore


World's Most Popular Life Simulation Series!

A great introduction to the world of artificial life technology, this collection offers all three titles in the popular Creatures virtual life series. Now discover the Norns, Grendels and Ettins as you create life, evolve a species and explore vast new worlds.

Only the Creatures series offers a complete life simulation experience.

The Norns you hatch atr truly alive and are born with their own brains, biochemistry and digital DNA. Like small children, they can sometimes get into mischief and can only experience life to the fullest with your help! Their lives are in your hands...

Norns: Created thousands of years ago by the Shee, the Norns are friendly, curious and social creatures that are eager to learn.

Grendels: The Grendels were created by accident and were a great mistake of the Shee. They are nasty, disease-carrying creatures that should be avoided at all costs.

Ettins: Created by the Shee to act as constructors, builders and workers. The Ettins have lost most of this instinct over the years, but still can be very active.


Play with your Norns as they explore the amazing world of Albia and learn to use its cyber resources

Teach your newly names Norns to eat, speak and interact with you and the other Creatures.

Protect your Norns from the nasty Grendels, who live in trees, steal food and carry diseases.

Laugh as your Norns band with you, displaying real feelings from hunger and pain to frustration and affection.

Encourage your Creatures to breed and nurture their offspring.

Exchange new generations of Creatures with other proud parents world-wide via email or the Internet.

Includes 3 Complete Life Sims in One Collection:

Creatures 1:
All Life Has a Beginning...

Learn how to create your first Norns and then explore the huge, exciting and sometimes dangerous world of Albia. Locate your first cyber resources, but be sure to avoid the nasty disease-carrying Grendels out to steal your food. Will you be able to breed your Norns through multiple generations? The mysteries of Albia await you.

  • Create an unlimited number of different creatures - no two will ever be the same!
  • Amazing artificial intelligence brings your creations to life with unbelievable realism.
  • Expand your gene pool! Exchange the Norns you create with friends anywhere in the world via email or the Internet.

Creatures 2:
Albia Has Been Injured...

Its surface has been ripped away by a devastating volcanic eruption. Earthquakes have torn apart the land, revealing the secret laboratories of the ancient race of the Shee. The legacy of the Shee may hold the only hope for the Norns of Albia. Explore a dangerous and exciting new world, and discover the place where the Norns were created.

  • Explore an expanded world that has doubled in size; including volcanoes, seasons and weather systems.
  • Meet the Ettins, a brand-new race of constructors, builders and workers.
  • New inhabitants including plants, butterflies, fish and caterpillars.

Creatures 3:
Travel Back in Time...

Over 1,000 years ago, the ancient civilization of Shee left the disc world of Albia in a giant spaceship to find a new, more spherical home. When the Grendels attacked them during flight, the Shee escaped to a new planet and abandoned the spaceship in orbit. The spaceship remains with a bridge full of gadgets at your disposal. With your help the remaining Norns can thrive.

  • Travel to five separate, vast environments, each with its own ecology.
  • Use remote cameras and machines to control your entire ship from the bridge.
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence and brand-new user interface offer the most intelligent, realistic, and easy Creature interaction ever.

BONUS: Includes 2 Life Kit Add-On Packs:

Creatures : Life Kit #1
Creatures 2: Life Kit #1

The Most Complete Compilation of Add-Ons for Creatures ever Offered:

The Observation Kit gives you an overview of all the Norns currently on Albia and up-to-the minute information about each one.

The Object Injector Kit allows you to add into Albia new animals, plants or toys that your Norns can play with: Crystal Balls, UFO Lander, Solar-Powered Helicopter, Freeze Gun, Christmas Pack, Potions and Lotions, Metamorph Device, Shee Seed Launcher and many others.

Three new Norn variations including the Forest Norns, Ron-Norns and Golden Desert Norns.

WorldSwitcher allows you to create multiple Albion worlds, switch between worlds on start-up and password-protect them.


Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 200 MMX or better, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit sound card, 2MB 16 bit color (800 x 600 resolution), 32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM recommended), 300 MB free hard disk space, DirectX compatible drivers.

Copyright © 1993-2001, Inc.