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ZOOM 3-D Ultra Cool Pool
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (COOLPOOLPR)

Publisher: Sierra Attractions


ESRB Rating: Everyone

8 Ball. 9 Ball. Chameleon Ball?

Oh, sure... you can practice your standard 45-degree bank shots and your pinch kisses all day long in a game of Eight Ball or Rotation (Cool Pool has five classic games on a gorgeously-rendered table). But where else can you call "Rocket Ball, corner pocket"? Only with Cool Pool, where Chameleon balls take on the color of the ball that strikes them - and five very non-traditional games put a whole new spin on pool strategy and fun.

It's Pool with Attitude!

If you're a purist, you'll love Cool Pool's elegant interface, super-accurate physics, and multiplayer option that lets you challenge other players FREE over the Internet.

Of you're looking for a quick game loaded with action and surprise, you'll love Cool Pool's specially shaped tables and special effects. What other pool hall has exploding balls and flying coins? Chalk it up to pure fun.

5 Classic Games

Do you love a good game of pool? Cool Pool has all your favorites - Eight Ball, Rotation, Cutthroat, Nine Ball, and Basic Pocket Billiards - on dazzling tables with a super-easy interface. But Cool Pool also has five totally original "cool" games that'll curl your cue. Check out the new rules and tables. They give pool a whole new angle of strategy, surprise, and fun. Rack 'em up.

5 Cool Games

Mad Bomber. Now this is an explosive game of pool. Balls count down toward zero each time they're hit. After that, they turn into short-fused bombs. Sink 'em before they explode.

Rocket Ball. A fast-moving game that's easy to learn and a blast to play. Special rocket balls zoom around the table when struck - and won't stop until they drop another ball.

24 Cents. There are two ways to win this game of loose change: be the first to pocket 50 Cents or more, or be the first to collect exactly 24 Cents. Balls have different values - pennies, nickels, dimes. Make a run for the money.

Chameleon Ball. Balls keep changing color in this game. Convert them to your color and sink 'em - before your opponent does the same to you.

Poker. Balls are assigned playing card values. Gamble on a tricky shot, sink the right "cards," and collect the best poker hand to win. There are no aces up your sleeve in this game.


Windows 98/95/ME/XP: Pentium 166 (Pentium 200 preferred), 4x CD-ROM drive (12x preferred), 32MB RAM (64MB preferred), 70MB hard drive space (plus 60MB of free swap space), SVGA800x600 @ 16-bit, Windows compatible sound card.

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