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Conquer the Skies
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (CONSKIESPR)



ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults - Mild animated violence

The Classic Air Combat Collection

MicroProse proudly launches this collection of its best-selling, award-winning flight simulation games. Engage in dogfights over the Pacific during WWII, command America's most deadly helicopters and sstreak through troubled skies in today's most powerful fighters. There is no finer collection of definitive flight sims available - at any price!

Falcon 3.0

Command a flight of up to eight F-16 Falcon jets through the most authentic combat missions ever built into a flight sim. Fly in 3 explosive campaigns in Panama, Kuwait and Israel or train for combat in the Nevada desert. Featuring hyper-accurate flight models and wingman communications, plus multiplayer action, Falcon 3.0 is regarded by many as the best flight sim game of all time.

1942: The Pacific Air War

Relive the famous WWII air battles over the Pacific as you pilot any of 16 U.S. or Japanese planes. Realistic cockpits and flight characteristics guide you through frantic dogfights, death-defying dive bomb attacks and terrifying torpedo runs. Features a unique virtual cockpit with working instruments, flexible camera angles, campaign play, historically accurate missions and a complete Mission Builder.

Gunship 2000

In the tradition of Gunship, the award-winning simulation of the AH-64A Apache, Gunship 2000 gives you command of a multi-copter troop of America's most powerful rotor craft. For each mission, you decide which 3 helo types to use in your 5-copter troop. Fly hundreds of missions in the Persian Gulf and Central Europe. Topographical 3-D graphics portray low-altitude flight with uncanny realism.

Fleet Defender

Hop into the cockpit of the Navy's premier weapon, the F-14 Tomcat. Tangle with Soviet bogies in the skies above the North Cape, the Mediterranean, Korea and the Indian Ocean. Best known for its in-depth model of the AWG-9 radar system and its variety of realism settings, you'll see why it's the benchmark for naval aviation flight sims every time you attempt a spine-tingling carrier landing.

Requirements: IBM PC 33MHz 80386 compatible or faster (80486 recommended), DOS 5.0 or later, 4MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive (MSCDEX version 2.3 or later), VGA graphics for 640x480x256 colors, mouse (joystick recommended), hard drive (50MB free for all 4 games: 11MB for Falcon 3.0, 18MB for Fleet Defender, 5MB for Gunship 2000, 16MB for 1942: The Pacific Air War). Supports: Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Roland or ProAudio Spectrum sound cards.

Quick start installation instructions included - Printer required to print game manuals.

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