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ZOOM Conquest
Frontier Wars
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP) (Damaged Retail Box) (CONQUFWPR)
NOTE: All remaining boxes are somewhat damaged!!!

Publisher: UbiSoft

Mild Language / Mild Violence

Fleet-Based Real-Time Strategy


Award for Excellence from Wargamer

8.8 from IGN


Your Fleet. Your Fate

In the late 22nd century, the Terran race found means to explore the outer rim of the galaxy through a powerful cosmic phenomenon: wormholes.

But, what they encountered on the other side would thrust their species into interstellar chaos.

Expand Your Universe


Devious and brutal, this warrior race of insectoids hammers advancing fleets with devastating range attacks and overwhelming resource efficiency.


These advanced, energy-based beings utilize artificial wormholes to launch crippling stealth operations and an array of defensive batteries to squelch invaders.


A robust fleet stocked with capital ships and heavy ballistics gives the versatile Terrans firepower superiority in head-to-head maneuvers.

Game Features:

  • Large Scale Fleet Battles: Oversee up to 16 interplanetary battle maps at once through the cunning use of wormholes.
  • New Strategic Challenges: Enter an explosive new dimension of strategic possibilities with the supply line management system.
  • Unequaled Artificial Intelligence: Command up to 6 AI fleet admirals who implement your orders, assess threats, and react with organized tactics.
  • A Variety of Intense Multiplayer Options: Play with up to 8 via LAN or 4 via Internet at


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP- Pentium II 350 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, 350 MB free hard disk space plus 100 MB additional for swap file, 8 MB DirectX 7 compatible video card, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse, Internet access and modem required for Internet play.



"The Wargamer endows Conquest: Frontier Wars with our coveted Award for Excellence, for imaginative game design, exquisite play execution, and masterful integration of space campaign strategy gameplay elements, intergalactic star system travel, space fleet tactical battle action, and empirebuilding resource management."

"Imagine Homeworld where individual space ships do not have to be micromanaged quite so closely during a dense space battle. Imagine Star Wars Rebellion where the abstracted planet system infrastructures actually look like space constructions (the 3D space battles still rock though, particularly from the floating camera) and where strategic attacks on planetary systems are graphically depicted. Imagine a real-time Masters of Orion, Space Empires, or Reach For The Stars that can be played in an online multi-player mode, rather than a solitaire turn-based or possibly play-by-email mode. Imagine Starcraft where the starships warp through wormholes to distant galaxies rather than always being bound to hover over a single planet like helicopters. Conquest: Frontier Wars gets the space strategy game just about right in so many ways. Conquest: Frontier Wars will doubtless win many more awards and will definitely stand the space strategy gaming world on its ear; it is truly the 'Next Generation Starcraft' or 'Kohan in Space'."

"The classic hallmark of a truly great game is the game interface. With it, the game is very enjoyable to play, without it, gameplay is tedious, frustrating, and difficult. The Conquest: Frontier Wars game interface is pretty intuitive and quick for new players to learn. There is a lot there to see and use, and continued hours of play will reveal more and more about the interface. Several aspects of it are particularly intriguing..."

"Conquest: Frontier Wars combines many great design ideas and is a very refreshing addition to the space strategy genre. One pretty astral concept is the topology of interconnected star systems between various galaxies. This takes a bit of intellectual agility to comprehend at first, but players eventually realize that the small galactic map on the lower right of the graphical user interface shows the 'Tinkertoy' assembly of planetary system nodes and wormhole star warps that link star ships between galaxies at light speed. Players have the flexibility to create galactic map structures of up to 16 planetary systems when building up a custom multi-player game, which in some cases is misnamed a 'Quick Battle'." by Ivan Sulic

"...Yes, Conquest has been in development since even before the creation of its former home, Digital Anvil. It's clear that the years have been well spent honing, fine tuning, and generally polishing a highly impressive game, that, while taking the genre to several new levels, still retains the essentials that made playing these games so enjoyable in the first place.

"It's the future (probably where all the spaceships and stuff come from) and Terrans, in their trek across the stars, have stumbled onto an alien race's civil war. The war raging from within the boundaries of the Mantis, a race of evolved insects hailing from the planet Chut, is spilling over in a big way onto us lowly humans. Caught up in the fight, we find ourselves allying with a race of pure energy housed in robotic suits of armor known as the Celarons. Seems we're not the only ones who would be a bit miffed by a horde of insects ravaging our world and turning our populace into paste. But will this uneasy alliance between such different races last, or will the Mantis conquer our worlds and be successful in packaging us into a spreadable cream for use on Mantis crackers?..."

"...Even if you're not Einstein, the game is easily playable as a host of visual and aural clues will inform you as to the happenings of the world, and unlike most games, the interface and design here actually work to assist the player and not hamper him.

"Surprisingly enough, all of these additions, and changes come together remarkably well and make for quite the ride. There is a bit of a steeper learning curve tacked onto the title than there is with most other RTS games, but the extra few days needed to learn the in and outs are well worth the benefits. Definitely a must for anyone into the RTS scene, and still easily a game worth checking out for gamers the world over."

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