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Conquest of the New World
Deluxe Edition
$14.95 (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (CONQUDLXPR)

Quicksilver Software / Interplay Productions


Ages: 12 and up


A from PC Games (Conquest of the New World)

8 (out of 10) from Computer Player (Conquest of the New World)

Exploration and Intrigue, Greed and Power, Conquest and Victory

Conquest of the New World Deluxe Edition's all new customized playing features create the definitive strategy experience.

Lured on by the possibilities of untold riches and power in the new world, you must wrest for control against other colonizing European powers. Using explorers, settlers and mercenary soldiers under your command, you work to carve a nation out of this hostile wilderness. Build colonies, explore virgin territory and search for new rivers, mountains and natural resources, as you fight to protect your emerging nation from the constant threat of attack and natural disaster.

Knowing when to act and when to stay your hand is crucial as you steer a course through the greed and malice behind shifting alliances and broken treaties. Only through a perfect balance of diplomacy, exploration, trade and warfare can you build the ultimate nation and experience the true power of total conquest.

Up to 6 can play over a network as England, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain or the natives

Head-to-head modem and email play

Easy to use on-screen tutorial

Stunning SVGA graphics and exciting 3D animations

NEW! Expanded interactive diplomacy with the Mother Country and opponents

NEW! A custom game editor lets you preset populations, armies and colonies

NEW! Extraordinary new natural wonders, resources and gems

NEW! Advanced game scenarieos let you start a game with pre-developed colonies


486DX2/66 or higher (Pentium recommended) running DOS 5.0 or higher, or Windows 95 (runs under Windows 95, not as native application), 2x CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM (16 MB recommended), VESA-compatible SVGA video adapter with at least 512K video RAM, mouse, hard drive. Optional 8-bit or 16-bit sound card. Network card, modem or serial cable for play on multiple computers. Supports connections via IPX network, direct serial link or modem (9600 baud or higher recommended).


PC Games, July 1996 (Conquest of the New World)

"This strategy game sends you back to the 15th century as one of five European countries or the Native Americans, vying for the resources and riches of the New World. Representing England, France, Spain, Holland or Portugal, you must take your men to this new land and explore what lies beyond the edges of your map. You must balance building, politics, and warfare in your quest to attain independence, build the ultimate nation, and achieve supreme victory. The Native Americans' goal, of course, is to hold on to what's theirs."

"Bucking a recent trend in the genre, Conquest offers a combat mode that is actually quite enjoyable...the designers made it possible to play nothing else but the combat mode, which makes for a very enjoyable 10-minute break from the game. The only problem is, it's so good, you may find your 10-minute session turning into an hour's worth of battles."

"After a while you'll realize that the best part of the game is that every time you play, it really is a New World you're trying to conquer. Rather than historically accurate worlds, you explore commputer-generated continents created specifically for each game. If that's not enough, you can play a network game with up to five human players, or go head-to-heard with a friend via modem or serial cable."

Computer Player, July 1996 (Conquest of the New World)

"If you've seen the screen shots, I know what you're thinking, 'Ah, another Civilization clone.' Well it is, but only in its basic concept."

"The graphics, for example, are lovely. Unlike other games in a strategy genre, Conquest's units and buildings are 3-D rendered. At first, they aren't easy to see, but users can zoom into any area on the map and see the detail on each building. The town hall has a sentry pacing at the entrance, the mills have men sawing logs, and the fort has what appears to be a bear patrolling a detention area! Every graphic is well-made and well-animated, and they don't stagnate. Different nationalities have their own graphic sets, and builidng graphics change as you upgrade them.

"Another innovation that separates Conquest from the rest of the rabble is the combat module. Most strategy games of this type feature 2-D screens that are about as exciting to watch as wargame chits. They feature relatively limited mathematical exchanges as one chit is moved to a space occupied by an opponent's. There's rearely provision for things such as combined attacks, flanking attacks, leadership and morale. In Conquest, however, combat is a glorious nod to tabletop wargamers everywhere; the elements that are incorporated in the battles are as impressive as the building graphics.

"When you engage in combat, the altercation does not take place on the map. Instead, you're dumped into combat mode at the end of the turn. This brings forth an isometric battlefield that looks like a fancy tic-tac-toe board. Don't be fooled. This is where the infantry, cavalry and artillery will put on a nice show. The combat rules have been somewhat simplified. The battlefield has been partitioned into squares rather than hexagonals, and your troops must adhere to some movement restrictions, but the result should be satisfying."

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