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ZOOM Compton's Complete Reference Collection 1998
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (COMPTREFPJ)

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Compton's Concise Encyclopedia

Compton's Concise Encyclopedia is a somewhat condensed version of Compton's best-selling CD-ROM, namely Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. The Concise Encyclopedia contains more than 6,000 articles organized alphabetically, drawn from every field of knowledge: the arts, the sciences, the social sciences, and more. Even in this "concise" form, it's the equivalent of 25 volumes of Compton's Encyclopedia - an enormous amount of information by any reckoning.

Compton's Concise Atlas

The Complete Reference Collection contains a somewhat condensed version of the atlas featured in the 1998 edition of Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. Even so, the Concise Atlas includes more than 300 maps, including one for every continent and independent nation on earth, major dependencies, and a variety of historical maps. These maps are interactively linked with each other as well as to the Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary. In other words, with a single click you can go either to another map or to a geographical dictionary entry.

Compton's Internet Directory

Compton's has created a directory of more than 4,000 Internet web sites that contain a wide variety of data. These sites have been reviewed for general reliability and appropriateness, and are organized according to basic content areas. Each entry in Compton's Internet Directory features its subject-matter classification, a description of the web site, and the URL (Internet address). Clicking on the title of the web site within each directory description automatically launches your Internet browser (assuming you currently have Internet access) and takes you to that site.

In addition, each web site has been assigned one or more age-ranges that provide you with a rough idea of the average age-appropriateness of each site.

Webster's New World Dictionary

Webster's New World Dictionary contains more than 78,000 words and terms in the English language along with their pronunciations, parts of speech, definitions, and (sometimes) usage notes.

Webster's New World Thesaurus

Webster's New World Thesaurus contains more than 21,000 words and terms in the English language along with their synonyms and, in many cases, antonyms.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1997

The first edition of The World Almanac, a 120-page volume with 12 pages of advertising, was published by the New York World in 1868. Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the New York World, revived The World Almanac in 1886 with the goal of making it a "compendium of universal knowledge." It has been published annual since then.

The 1997 edition of The World Almanac and Book of Facts includes more than 1,700 articles and tables on a wide range of topics, including recent events, federal and state governments, elections, noted personalities, awards and prizes, astronomy, meteorology, nations, states, cities, health, language, taxes, sports, and a tremendous variety of statistical information.

The Columbia University Complete Home Medical Guide

This Third Revised Edition of The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeions Complete Home Medical Guide reflects many of the changes that have taken place in American medicine since publication of the first edition in 1985. Although our goal - namely, to provide you with a comprehensive home reference that teaches you about your body in sickness and health - remains unchanged, we are placing increased emphasis on disease prevention and your role in maintaining your own good health.

World History: A Dictionary of Important People, Places and Events

World History is an up-to-date general reference dictionary for history from the beginnings of civilization to such recent events as the birth of democracy in the former Soviet Union, the Cold War's sudden end, and Germany's reunification. With this single volume, the reader gains ready access to a staggering amount of factual information. Virtually all the important people, events, nations, and empires throughout history are included, plus legions of the lesser known as well.

In all, the book contains nearly 10,000 concisely written text entries, plus approximately 135 historical outlines that include more than 7,000 arranged text entries and chronologically arranged historical outlines is what makes the dictionary both versatile and different from other general history references.

Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary, Third Edition, is a completely new edition of a book that first appeared in 1949 as Webster's Geographical Dictionary and was reedited to appear in 1972 as Webster's New Geographical Dictionary. During the more than four decades that have passed since the book was introduced, the world has experienced many significant historical events and economic and political developments, and a sound geographical dictionary must reflect the place-name changes attendant on them. Many of those changes were recorded in successive revisions of the first two editions, but the limitations of revisions and the magnitude of change has now made it essential to review critically the entire work and recompose the book in a new edition.

The Merriam-Webster Concise Handbook for Writers

The Merriam-Webster Concise Handbook for Writers is designed to be a practical guide to the conventions of the English language in its written form. These conventions, generally referred to by writers and editors as style, include such day-to-day matters as punctuating sentences, capitalizing names and terms, using italics or underlining, spelling compound words and the plural and possessive forms of words, and deciding when to use abbreviations and numerals. This book also offers information and advice on composition and grammar and on a selection of other editing- and publishing-related topics. For each topic, the manual offers concise and comprehensive descriptions of the rules and conventions that writers and editors have developed for themselves to help them prepare copy that is clear, consistent, and attractive. Where the rules and conventions have exceptions, variations, and fine points that readers need to know of, these are also presented.

Requirements: IBM PC and compatibles, 486DX2/66 MHz or better, 8 MB memory (16 MB recommended), hard disk with at least 150 MB free, double speed or higher CD-ROM drive, MSCDEX 2.2 or higher, 256 color SVGA monitor, Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95), Windows compatible sound card, mouse, printer (optional), modem (optional; required for online features only).

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