Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1998
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1) (2 CDs w/ manual) (COMPT98DPO)

Publisher: Compton's Home Library / The Learning Company

Reference / Encyclopedia

All Ages

Discover and Explore a World of Information

Compton's is your vast library of knowledge. Two CDs are packed with 38,000 articles, brilliant multimedia, an atlas, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and more. There are even librarians who will suggest specific books, pictures, and online resources to help you research your topic. Expand your mind with with Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia.

New in this Edition!

  • Ask the Librarian: Submit your topic to the Compton's Librarians and they'll recommend books, Web sites, and other resources
  • Tap into a Library: Easily search 38,000 articles, a new atlas and timeline, and a dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Enjoy Sights and Sounds: Look, listen, and learn with thousands of photos and videos and hours of sound and music.
  • Find Neighborhood Resources: Discover local museums, libraries, and universities for more information.
  • Search the World: Instantly access the best Web sites for you based on your age and topic.
  • Track Your Research: Organize key findings with your notebook and highlighter.

The New Deluxe Edition Offers More!!

  • More Information
    More than 150,000 entries in the complete encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary, thesaurus, and timeline.
  • More Multimedia
    More than 16,000 photos and videos and 20 hours of sound and music
  • More Student Features
    Notebook and highlighter for researching and ShowMaker for creating presentations
  • More Up-to-Date Facts
    Online access to current information with Compton's Internet Directory and free Monthly Updates
  • More Online Resources
    Personal research help with Ask the Librarian and Find Neighborhood Resources

So expansive you can't tell where the CD ends and the world begins. From the conquests of Alexander the Great to the upheaval in the former Zaire, from Siberian tigers to Tiger Woods, Compton's Interactive Encylcopedia Deluxe Edition finds the answers you need. Quickly. Easily. Completely.

Search and Discover: Easily search the complete 26-volume encyclopedia for any topic. With 38,000 articles and thousands of photos, videos, maps and Web links, you'll find in depth coverage of art, science, history, literature, music, sports, technology, geography and more.

Explore the Richness: Visit ancient Mayan ruins. Watch Babe Ruth hit a home run. Listen to a Mozart concerto. With nearly twice the multimedia, this Deluxe Edition adds color and excitement to any topic you explore!

Check Out the Library: Find all the resources you need:

  • a new US and world atlas, complete with 450 maps and overlays for average temperature, population and more
  • a new interactive timeline of historical events
  • a complete dictionary and thesaurus

Ask the Librarian: Want to find out more? Just send your research topic and your age to the Compton's librarians on the Internet, and you'll get suggestions of books, pictures, maps, and online resources for more information.

Research Near and Far: Expand your search with online features:

  • Find Neighborhood Resources - identify local museums, zoos, aquariums, and more
  • Compton's Internet Directory - link to the best Web sites based on your topic and age
  • Electric Library - access hundreds of newspapers and magazines online

Keep Current: With thousands of new articles, photos, and videos for 1998, your encyclopedia is always up-to-date. Plus you can stay current throughout the year with free Monthly Updates.

The New Deluxe Edition Contains over 150,000 Entries:
  • FREE! Monthly Updates
  • 38,000+ Articles
  • 16,000+ Photos
  • 150+ videos, animations, and slide shows
  • 20 hours of sound
  • 450+ maps of the US and the world
  • 4,000+ Web links
  • 78,000-word dictionary
  • 21,500-word thesaurus
More Unique Features:
  • Ask the Librarian
  • Find Neighborhood Resources
  • Compton's Internet Directory
  • Notebook and highlighter
  • ShowMaker for creating multimedia presentations
More Way to Explore than Ever Before!
  • View the night sky in the Planetarium
  • Embark on a 3D Star Quest adventure
  • Challenge yourself with Exploring Questions
  • Discover fascinating 3D worlds


Windows: Windows 3.1 or later, 486DX/66 MHz or better, 8MB RAM (16 MB recommended), hard disk with 12MB, 256 color SVGA, 2x CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, mouse, printer (optional), modem (optional: required for online features only)

Ask the Librarian online feature is available until August 1998. Electric Library online feature free trial through December 1998 [additional details in box]. Monthly Updates online feature available through September 1998.

1998 Edition 1998 Deluxe
Complete 26-volume encyclopedia X X
Reference library, including atlas, dictionary, thesaurus, and timeline X X
Photographs and illustrations 8,000 16,000
Videos, animations, and slide shows 100+ 150+
Sound, including music and historical speeches 16 hours 20 hours
Personal research help from Compton's librarians X
Montly Updates $19.95/yr Free

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