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ZOOM Commandos 2
Men of Courage
$4.95 (Win95/98/ME) (Retail Packaging) (COMMAND2PR)

Publisher: Pyro Studios / Eidos

Game: Strategy / Warfare

Violence / Blood

Prepare to Be Blown Away

From the heart of the Third Reich to the most remote islands in the South Pacific, command Sergeant `Tiny' McHale and its elite group of gritty soldiers and utilize their combined expertise to venture deep into the enemy territory in an attempt to change the course of the war.


All new 3D engine: rotate the environment 360 degrees, move seamlessly in/out of buildings, submarines, planes and under water, and zoom in/out of the environments.

Interact like never before with the environment: steal enemy uniforms and weapons, climb poles, swing from cables, swim, utilize vehicles, and climb in and out of buildings.

Control nine commandos: including a green beret, sniper, demolitions expert, seductress, thief, and even a dog.

Innovative camera control: follow the action in various parts of the map simultaneously with multiple gameplay windows.

Authentic WWII scenarios: 10 missions spanning 9 different environments in night and day with realistic weather effects.

Multiplayer: Go to war in a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Natasha Nikochecski Jerry McHale No Mission is Impossible - Meet Your Team:

  • Tiny - Jerry McHale (Green Beret): Expert in close combat and handling bladed weapons
  • Inferno - Thomas Hancock (Sniper): Expert with explosives and heavy arms
  • Fins - James Blackwood (Diver): Expert in marine operations
  • Tread - Sid Perkins (Driver): Expert in mechanics and all types of arms
  • Spooky - Rene Duchamp (Spy): Expert in communication and techniques of infiltration and sabotage
  • Duke - Sir Francis T Woolridge (Sniper): Expert marksman, extremely effective
  • Lips - Natasha Nikochecski (Seductress): Expert in distraction; easy to establish relationships with enemy
  • Lupin -Paul Toledo (Thief): Expert in infiltration; exceptional speed and agility
  • Whiskey - Whiskey (Dog): Expert in distraction and distribution of resources


Win95/98/Me: Pentium II 300 MHz or higher (Pentium II 450 MHz recommended), 32 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive recommended), DirectX 8.0 or higher, 100% DirectX 8.0 compliant video card with 128 MB VRAM, 100% DirectX 8 compliant sound card, 2GB free hard disk space (3GB recommended).


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