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ZOOM Chessmaster 9000
Sold Out (Win98/Me/XP) (UK DVD Case) (CM9000UKPR)

Ubi Soft

Game / Chess

2 CD ROM Set


from Discovery Schools

The World's Best Chess Program for Both Beginners & Experts!

Discover the fun of mastering the game of chess in the latest edition of the best-selling chess brand available. Chessmaster 9000 is not only the most fun you'll have playing chess, it's also the most comprehensive chess program available and the only one that will improve your level of play. Learn how to master your opponent, how to find the best moves, and how to shut out distractions. Improve your play immediately with the new Blunder Alert feature. Test your skills with the new Endgame Quiz from US Chess Champion and Grand Master, Larry Evans. Chessmaster 9000 will be your teacher, mentor, and ultimate opponent.

Chessmaster: The Teacher

Let the Chessmaster introduce you to the rules and strategies of the game.

Chessmaster will coach you through opening and winning strategies.

Improve your game with the New Blunder Alert feature.

Chessmaster: The Trainer

Improve your game by learning from International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin.

Try to `Match the Masters', with noted chess teacher Bruce Pandolfini.

New Mentor Lines window for choosing the depth of advice.

Study over 800 classic and Grandmaster games.

Chessmaster: The Opponent

At its top level, Chessmaster is the most powerful chess opponent you can buy.

Computer opponents for all levels of play, even kids and beginners.

What's New in 9000

  • Psychology of Competition Chess Course
  • Blindfold Chess
  • Random Opponent feature
  • 60 New Chess sets and boards

The Psychology of Competition Chess Course taught by International Master Josh Waitzkin. In this detailed course you will learn the following:

  • How to master the opponent sitting across from you.
  • How to focus, shut out distractions, and find the best moves.
  • How to apply strategy from real-life chess games, many from Josh's own career.


Windows 98/ME/XP:Pentium II 450 or AMD K6-3 500 64 MB RAM for 98 & ME (128 Recommended) 128 MB RAM for XP (256 Recommended) DirectX 8.1 (included on disc) Video Card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) 300 MB Hard Drive Space 3D Video Card optional 56K modem for Internet play


Discovery Schools

"Chess, the game of war between two "armies", is an age-old strategy game that remains popular and venerable today. Chessmaster 9000 is a feature-rich chess program that boasts a wide range of chess sets, a wealth of options, narrated tutorials, a Kids' Room, and more. This program is very complete, no matter an individual user's level of skill.

"What is particularly outstanding about this product is its range of addressed skill levels. Beginners, children, and advanced chess players can all enjoy the game. A new Blunder Alert feature, endgame quiz, as well as a number of topnotch features like random chess drills and live game tips during gameplay, set this title apart."

"This comprehensive chess program not only teaches the basics of the game, it provides tools for players to improve, practice, and refine their skills. This is a feature-packed program that is appropriate for any level of skill, from beginner to advanced, and its self-contained Kids' Room section is well done."

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