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ZOOM Chessmaster 6000

This product has been replaced by Chessmaster 9000


Game / Chess

A New, More Powerful Chessmaster

Chessmaster 6000 is the complete computerized chess resource for all age groups and skill levels. Beginners are patiently instructed and guided through history's most challenging game. Intermediate and expert players can both elevate their level of play and match wits with the most cunning opponent available on a personal computer.

Chessmaster 6000: a new, more powerful Chessmaster with a massive new database, innovative new tutorials from Bruce Pandolfini, rated play against a gallery of true-to-life opponents and more. The world's best-loved and most-respected chess playing program invites everyone to play history's greatest game.

New for Chessmaster 6000:

300,000 game database with the ability to import your own games. While playing, search to find how Kasparov or Fischer (or even you!) handled the same game situation. Search games by opening line, board position, or by multiple search criteria.

Rated game play. Earn a rating by playing against a gallery of 64 different human-like personalities, each complete with photo, biography, and distinct playing style.

Innovative new tutorials from Bruce Pandolfini, celebrated chess coach and author. Learn chess from the inside out.

New Josh Waitzkin voice annotated games. Josh annotates and gives unique insight into more of his favorite games.

Free Internet play on Chessmaster Live, now available on MPlayer. Play rated games and chat with people around the world, 24 hours a day.

Annotated classic games from GM Larry Evans.

Classic Chessmaster Features:

Learn to play the game of kings with Teach Me to Play and extensive interactive tutorials. Chessmaster makes it quick, easy, and fun.

In-game coaching, hints, and suggestions. When asked, Chessmaster offers advice about the best possible moves for any position.

A huge selection of opponents with varying abilities and diverse playing styles. Select one of many preconfigured personalities, or customize your own.

Illustrated Voice Analysis. Ask for advice and both see the suggested course of action and hear natural language audio analysis.

Custom Interfaces. Select your favorite two- or three-dimensional board and piece sets. Set up your preferred display or choose one of our default layouts.

Chess for fun: puzzles, classic games, Blitz Chess, and more.

Chessmaster: The Teacher

For beginners, Chessmaster makes chess fun an easy to learn.

Chessmaster's Teach Me to Play feature introduces beginners to the rules and strategies of the game.

Informative teaching displays illustrate legal moves, threatened pieces, hidden traps, etc.

The Coach Window names opening book variations and explains the significance of all possible moves.

For in-game advice, players can ask for a Quick Hint or Natural Language Advice for an analysis of the next move. With Illustrated Voice Analysis, you can both see Chessmaster's suggestion and hear the corresponding commentary.

Chessmaster: The Mentor

To improve your game and achieve an in-depth knowledge of chess, Chessmaster is your complete chess resource.

In a brilliant new sequence of tutorials, Bruce Pandolfini, celebrated coach and author, has designed a new way to improve your chess play. Learn to anticipate the consequences of your actions in a move by move game analysis.

Use the new and intuitive 300,000 game database for game comparison and analysis. You can even import your own collection of games.

While playing, consult the Database Coach to see how grandmasters past and present have played from your position.

2,200 named opening book variations with Encyclopedia of Chess Openings codes.

Chessmaster: The Ultimate Opponent

Choose your level of competition.

Find out how good you really are by playing rated games against Chessmaster's gallery of life-like personalities, complete with biography, photo, and playing style.

For an even greater challenge, take on one of the grandmaster personalities and check your play against the greatest players in chess history.

Create your own opponent personality by customizing any of 24 style-of-play attributes.

For mind-blowing action, try Blitz Chess: play an entire game in 5 - or even 2 - minutes.

Challenge the Chessmaster, the most cunning opponent available on a personal computer. All teaching aids are shut off - it's human versus computer in pure competition. Good luck!


Windows 95/98: P-90 (or faster processor) IBM PC or compatible, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x or higher recommended), 15 MB hard-disk space, Windows 95/98 compatible sound card (16 bit sound card recommended), Windows 95/98 compatible pointing device, SVGA video adapter and monitor capable of running 640x480 resolution and 256 colors or higher, printer supported, Internet connectivity required for Chessmaster Live.

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