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ZOOM Chessmaster 5500

This product has been replaced by Chessmaster 9000


Game / Chess


94% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

Take Your Game to Another Level

For beginners, Chessmaster promises patient instruction and step-by-step guidance through the complexities of history's greatest game. For recreational and intermediate players, Chessmaster provides equally matched opponents, and helps improve your play with advanced tutorials. For experts, Chessmaster is a cunning - some say diabolical - adversary.

What's New with Chessmaster 5500

Hear audio annotations and commentary from International Master Josh Waitzkin. One of the new generation of rising chess superstars, Josh is the subject of the book and Paramount Pictures movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Listen as spoken annotations and play analysis back up Chessmaster's outstanding graphics. Illustrated Voice Analysis (IVA) makes learning from your games as easy as sitting with a personal chess coach. Once again you hear from the Chessmaster.

Enjoy complete integration with Chessmaster Live, featuring the preferred internet chess program and a dynamic online chess community.

See Chessmaster's analysis of potential moves through the fascinating Visual Thinking window.

Requirements:The World's Best-selling Chess Program

Optimized gameplay through a fourth generation, 32-bit chess engine.

Choose your weapons - 27 brilliant chess sets.

Choose your opponent - millions await.

Improve your game with an easy-to-use, interactive 27,000-game 32-bit chess database to frame complex queries or search by board position, player and event, and more.

Superior interactive instruction for players of all skill levels.

Explore a unique twist on classic chess puzzles with Rate My Play.

The definitive chess resource, with an extensive glossary and massive library of named opening variations.

Chessmaster for Beginning and Novice Players

For adult or child, Chessmaster 5500 is arguably the most accomplished and proven method of computerized chess instruction.

Click on Teach Me to Play and Chessmaster invites you into the fascinating world of chess.

Basic tutorials. Discover the game of kings through Rules of Chess and Introduction to Chess Strategy tutorials.

In-game assistance. Request instant hints at any time. Really stuck? Ask Chessmaster for Natural Language Advice and find out why he suggests a particular move.

Coach Window. Get a quick overview of all possible moves, their names and their significance. Includes threatened peices, pins, skewers, and more.

Teaching displays. Explore for the first time or review the fundamentals of legal moves, pinned pieces, isolated pawns, etc.

Chess Glossary. What's a Sicillian Defense? Look it up along with more than 1000 other entries, from Abonyi Gambit to Zugzwang.

Personalities. Find an ideal - almost human - opponent whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. Start with someone easy, like Newcomer, and then take on increasingly difficult opponents.

Chessmaster and Intermediate Players

An extraordinary mentor, Chessmaster provides all the tools you need to improve your game and raise your level of play.

Review 268 chapters of interactive tutorials that cover every aspect of chess.

Research a 27,000-game database filled with famous historic games. Search by board position, player and event, and more. For example, search to find how many Grandmasters have won as white from your current board position.

Explore more than 2000 named opening variations.

Play any of 30 specially selected classic games and try to predict the correct moves in Rate My Play. Chessmaster will rate your performance.

Replay and analyze 650 of history's classic games, complete with extensive annotations.

Challenge more than 60 customizable opponents. Select from 24 different attributes to create a virtually infinite variety of opponents.

Return to a game or position for study and analysis through Save Game and Set Up Position commands.

Tease your brain with an abundance of intriguing chess problems in John Nunn's Favorite Puzzles.

Want to play a whole game in 5, or even 2 minutes? Give it a try in Blitz Chess.

When Chessmaster has everything going its way, turn the board around, Switch Sides and see what happens.

Chessmaster for Expert Players

Chessmaster takes off the gloves when it comes to Expert and Championship levles of play. Set at the Championship level, Chessmaster turns off all teaching aids, closes all peripheral windows, and abides by the rules of championship play. It's human brain versus computer brain with a time control of 40 moves in 120 minutes.

Warning: Chessmaster has defeated internationally recognized players - numerous times!

Chessmaster Live

Chessmaster 5500 provides instant connection to Chessmaster Live, the world's most popular Internet chess community.

Here, thousands of games are played every day between players of all ages and skill levels. Since its inception, more than 50,000 players worldwide have downloaded this exciting chess program. Now an all-new version is included in Chessmaster 5500.

As the most advanced online chess game, Chessmaster Live offers a dynamic Internet chess community where you can play in regular tournaments, check out tutorials and advice columns from Grandmasters, and find out what's happening in the international world of chess. Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished chess player, you'll always find something new at Chessmaster Live to help you improve and enjoy your game.

The TASC Smartboard

Chessmaster 5500 now supports the SmartBoard from TASC. Take advantage of the power of Chessmaster while keeping the look, feel and visual impact of a real (analog) chess board.


Windows 95, P-90 IBM PC or compatible running Widnows 95 or higher, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x or higher recommended), 13MB hard disk space, Windows 95 compatible sound card (16 bit sound card recommended), Windows 95 compatible pointing device, SVGA video adapter and monitor capable of running 640x480 resolution and 256 colors or higher, printer supported, Internet connectivity recommended (for Chessmaster Live).

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