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ZOOM Complete Classical Music
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (CLASSMUSPR)

Publisher: Countertop Software


Five Programs in One Boxed Set

Complete Classical Music is the finest boxed set of software ever assembled on the subject. Each CD-ROM is a content-rich, originally authored multimedia program that covers a different area, and, as a whole the set represents the most extensive resource ever published on classical music. You'll marvel at the huge amount of information in Classical Notes and The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Music, and find the in-depth profiles of Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin to be exciting and informative. This collectors-edition boxed set is a must-have for all fans of great music.

Live With Chopin

Experience the power of Frederyk Chopin's unforgettable musical genius in an intimate multimedia setting. Through video, photos, and musical performances, the development of Chopin's musical compositions is revealed, starting with his works as a young prodigy. Your tour through the world of Chopin is guided by an expert professor and musician who has focused his research on the great classical composers. The development of his musical masterpieces span his entire lifetime beginning with his youth. This beautifully done CD-ROM will keep you engrossed for hours.

The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Music

The most exhaustive and in-depth work on classical music ever put on CD-ROM. This fascinating title explores nearly every facet of classical music, and features over 11,000 entries, 200 photographs, 500 music clips, and information on 3,000 operas and 4,000 personalities. Other features include the timeline, which puts musical events into context, the quiz feature, to test your knowledge, and recommended listening lists with suggested recordings. A huge, information-packed reference source on music.

Vivaldi, The Four Seasons

Entertainment and education are beautifully combined in this breakthrough interactive music CD-ROM. Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, transcends the traditional music album with its interactive multimedia extended liner notes. Graphics, musical analysis of each work, a music glossary, and an extensive biography of Vivaldi combine to make this one of the most exciting music titles ever. This CD also contains the complete performances of Concerto for Oboe, Concerto for two Corni da Caccia, The Four Seasons, and Concerto for Four Violins.

Classical Orchestra Notes

By Dr. Richard E. Rodda. If you love classical music, or even wonder what it's about, this is the CD-ROM for you. Fun and educational, this content-rich title includes nearly 2,000 program notes, many with complete vocal text in their original language with English translations. 500 text-audio links let you read about a piece and then hear music examples. Vivid portraits of over 500 composers will fascinate music lovers of all ages. This is the essential reference for concert-goers, music students, and lovers of classical music.

Mozart, Prince of Harmony

Revel in the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the "Prince of Harmony." Meet the precocious child whose music became his life until his early death at 35. Explore his biography, the influences on his work, and of course, his magnificent musical compositions performed by world class orchestras. On this CD-ROM you'll also find photographs, illustrations, musical notation details, and a Mozart trivia game. A must-have for anyone who loves Mozart, or classical music.


486 or better, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM, SVGA graphics w/256 colors, mouse and sound card, Windows 3.1, 95, or 98.

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