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ZOOM Tom Clancy SSN
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (CLANCYPR)
(Be sure to check Requirements below if running Windows XP)

Simon & Schuster



B from PC Games

3 (out of 4) stars from HomePC

Mission Briefing

Chinese hard-liners have staged a daring raid on one of the world's last great untapped oil reserves, setting the stage for a rejuvenated Communist dictatorship. Representing the United States, you command an improved Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine, the USS Cheyenne. Over 360 feet long and brimming with state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems, she is the finest fast attack submarine in the world. In addition, you are backed by 133 of the best-trained submariners in any naval fleet.

The missions you encounter during the game lead you through realistic scenarios which could be taken from tomorrow's headlines. Many of the threats you face are real; some threats are hypothetical. All of them are dangerous.

This Is Not a Drill!

An action-packed submarine combat game utilizing a custom, real-time 3-D rendering engine designed to deliver a cutting-edge, immersive, cinematic experience.

Artificially intelligent friends, foes, and armaments create enhanced strategies and complex game scenarios.

Fifteen full missions: each providing full-screen, full-motion news segments, mission briefing text and maps.

A comprehensive Technical Reference including detailed information on all submarines, ships and armaments in the game.

Introducing an exclusive, 45-minute interview with Tom Clancy and Captain Doug Littlejohns, former British Royal Navy sumbarine Commander. Hosted by James Adams, Washington Bureau Chief of the London Times.


60 MHz Pentium (120 MHz preferred), Windows 95 or higher, 8 megabytes (16 megabytes preferred), 256 color SVGA or better, Sound Blaster 16 or compatible, 10 megabytes free hard disk (40 megabytes preferred), double speed CD-ROM drive or faster, keyboard and mouse, joystick optional.

Tested OK on Windows XP. Requires compatibility mode for the setup program..

If you find that only the first episode will run on your machine try the following suggestion from Simon and Schuster (many thanks to John Cohn for telling us about it):

Try lowering the hardware acceleration; the adjustment is made as follows:

Go into your systems icon, in your control panel.
Click on your performance tab.
Click on the graphics option.
Lower graphics acceleration slide bar to 2 notches from the left
Restart your computer.


PC Games, March 1997

"Submarine warfare is dirty, stealthy work, perfectly suited for snipers - requiring long hours tracking targets without being detected. In Tom Clanscy SSN, Simon & Schuster and Virtus drew inspiration from MechWarrior 2 and came up with a similar interface that adapts well to 20th century undersea combat.

"As anyone who has dread Debt of Honor and Executive Orders knows, Clancy sees China as a growing threat to international stability. In Tom Calncy SSN, new Chinese leadership occupies a group of islands in the South China Sea, located on a mammoth new oil preserve.

"The United States responds with a massive naval build-up, including aircraft carrier groups and its latest Los Angeles - class attack submarines. Players have to get their sub from U.S. waters to the impending war zone, sinking stray Chinese submarines along the way. Once on station, the task is to support the carrier groups and eliminate Chinese targets of opportunity."

"For sub fans, Tom Clancy SSN will rock. If you've read Clancy's books, or have a good understanding of how submarine warfare is fought, SSN provides a realistic and engaging environment to stalk adversaries. There's even a second disc with a discussion between Clancy and former submariner Doug Littlejohns."

HomePC, March 1997

"Immerse yourself in Tom Clancy SSN's richly textured adventure, and you'll find the line between reality and fiction blurring as quickly as the view from the ocean floor. This submarine techno-adventure combines realistic 3-D action with full-motion video briefings and an elegant interface."

"Tom Clancy SSN isn't a fast-moving shoot-'em-up, though there's plenty to keep you busy once you master the somewhat steep learning curve. Rather, the game is an absorbing war-game environment that will pull you in deep for hours of underwater action."

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