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ZOOM The Civil War:
Master Players Edition
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (CIVILWARPR)

Empire Interactive


The Game of Strategy, Leadership and Territorial Advantage

Including Strategy Guide, Additional Historical Battles and enhanced graphics

The Civil War allows you to plan and fight every major battle and campaign of the American Civil War. Lead North or South through four bloody years that shaped the worlds most powerful nation.

The Civil War captures the huge scale of this war, with armies and fleets of ships moving across the eastern seaboard of the USA. All the resources of the first modern war are available to you, as you attempt to crush enemy armies and fortifications. Control ironclads along the Mississippi, the building of railways, or small units of Rebel cavalry over a vast battlefield area.

The Civil War includes a full campaign allowing you to move your armies by Land, Sea, Rail and River. When armies meet you can choose to fight or retreat moving individual Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry units on 3D texture mapped Gouraud shaded battlefields, all in real time.

Created by the team that developed the Award Winning Fields of Glory, The Civil War allows one or two player modes over serial link or modem. Not only is there a full campaign mode, challenging you to command your armies throughout the course of the war, but four historic battles are included: 1st Bull Run/1st Manassas, Shiloh/Pittsburgh Landing, Wilson's Creek/Oak Hills and Mill Springs/Logan's Cross Roads.

Build. Recruit and train Armies, build Fleets, set up Blockades, improve Railroads and construct Fortifications.

Database. Access to all the information you will ever need, Generals, Weapons and a Comprehensive History of the actual conflict.

Command. Appoint, Promote and Dismiss Historical Generals. Decide army strengths and formations. Convert your tactics and strategies into real time action.

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible system, 386 DX-33, 4Mb RAM (8Mb required for 2 player link modes), SVGA (VESA) graphics, hard disk drive (7Mb free) and mouse. Optional sound cards: Sound Blaster (16 or Pro), Pro Audio Spectrum, Gravis Ultra and Windows Sound.

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