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ZOOM Civilization II
$14.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case w/ ALL Documentation) (CIV2PO)
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (CIV2PJ)

Also included in the Super Strategy 4 Pack




97% from PC Gamer - Editors' Choice

A from PC Games

86% from Family PC

Civilization has reached new heights. With over 850,000 copies sold, Sid Meier's Civilization has made gaming history. Now there's a version even more challenging and exciting than the original! Introducing Sid Meier's Civilization II. Make every critical social, economic and political decision as you build an empire to span history. Compete against some of the greatest leaders of all time. It's discovery. It's diplomacy. It's your destiny. So plan your every move carefully. Because in this game, you either stand the test of time or you're history.

Command powerful armies. Defend and conquer using a wide range of weaponry. Deploy a variety of troops, equipment and technology. From archers, paratroopers and elephants to AEGIS cruisers and Stealth fighters.

Negotiate with rival empires. Plan a strategy to outwit history's most cunning leaders. Advanced diplomatic tactics allow you to wage war, make peace or form cooperative alliances with them.

Devise and control technology. Drive your cities' technological evolution by inventing amphibious warfare, seafaring, tactics, theology, and more.

Construct Wonders of the World. Full-motion video brings to life Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop, the Statue of Liberty and Marco Polo's Embassy.

Influence history's landmark events. Play in pre-set scenarios and re-live some of the sweeping eras of mankind, including World War II and the Roman Empire.

Enjoy all-new graphics. Stunning graphics provide players with high resolution images and a realistic isometric view. A multi-functional Map Editor allows you to create unique worlds from a vast array of terrain.

Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher, 8 MB RAM, SVGA Color Graphics, 2X CD-ROM/ MSCDEX 2.2 or higher, Microsoft compatible Mouse, Sound Card.

Requirements: Any 68030 or higher with at least 8 MB RAM, color monitor and CD-ROM drive. Also accelerated for Power Macintosh. Mac OS8 compatible.


PC Entertainment, May 1996

"Civilization II isn't just the original game with a Super VGA graphical makeover. It achieves what few game successors have been able to do: maintain the core product while adding enough new elements to create a new challenge. It offers new unit types, terrains, resources, facilities, advancements, and Wonders of the World, including pyramids that allow you to change your type of government at will."

PC Games, June 1996

"Civ II is a turn-based game of exploration, commerce, balance, and conquest. You discover the world as you settle it, gathering new resources and growing your population. You can have as few as three or as many as seven other civilizations compete against your strategic might. You select opponents from a pool of 21 adversaries with varying attitudes and styles of play. You can choose to create alliances with opponents or declare war. Establish trade routes, send out spies, and steal technologies. There's no single route to success. "

"Civilization II is a considerable achievement, significantly improving a very complex classic without losing the flavor of the original. At a time when so many airhead games with motion-picture visuals are hitting the streets, newcomers and veterans alike will welcome Civ II's imagination, depth, and fun. Civilization II is a must have."

PC Gamer, July 1996

"Diplomacy is far more sophisticated in Civ II. Rather than simply being at peace or at war, you can now make cease-fire agreements or strategic alliances. Once diplomacy fails to yield results, players will find a new, more complex combat system that makes warfare much more realistic. Each unit has a number of hit points based on their tech level and strength, as well as a firepower factor."

"Of course the most visible changes lie in the slick, new Windows interface, graphics, video, and sound. Video has been added in the form of silly advisers and neat, little mini-movies that herald the construction of each new Wonder of the World."

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