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ZOOM Cheet Sheets
Sold Out (Win) (Jewel Case) (CHEETPJ)

Bureau of Electonic Publishing


The Complete Monarch Notes Collection

Cheet Sheets comes from the famous (infamous?) Monarch Notes Literature Study Guides that have warmed the hearts (and raised the grades) of many a high school and college student.

Your Cheet Sheets on CD-ROM contains every single one of these study guides! So once you have the CD-ROM, you're set for your literature study career!

Your Cheet Sheets version of the Monarch Notes Literature Study Guides is the get-right-to-it, no-buts-about-it, let's pass that test tomorrow or write that book report tonight, text-only solution to your problems. (Oh - and students: don't feel bad. We've found that your teacher is probably using Cheet Sheets to create the lesson plan!)

Literary Categories:

  • From the Oral Tradition
  • Greek & Roman Literature
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The Renaissance
  • The Nineteenth Century
  • The Twentieth Century

Featured Authors:

Chinua Achebe Joseph Conrad George Herbert John Milton
Henry Adams James F Cooper Herodotus Margaret Mitchell
Aeschylus Abraham Cowley Hermann Hesse Moliere
Edward Albee Stephen Crane Thor Heyerdahl Montesquieu
Alcaeus Richard Crashaw James Hilton Sir Thomas More
Anacreon Dante Thomas Hobbes Toni Morrison
John Steinbeck Daniel Defoe Richard Hofstadter Laurence Sterne
St. Thomas Aquinas Rene Descartes Oliver W Holmes Friedrich Netsche
Archilochus Charles Dickens Homer Frank Norris
Aristophanes Emily Dickinson Horace Stendhal
Aristotle Isak Dinesen William D Howells Robt L Stevenson
Saint Augustine E. L. Doctrow Victor Hugo Eugene O'Neill
Jane Austen John Doone Aldous Huxley George Orwell
James Baldwin F Dostoyevsky Henrik Ibsen Ovid
Honore de Balzac Arthur Conan Doyle Henry James Thomas Paine
John Barth Theodore Dreiser James Joyce Alan Paton
Simone De Beauvoir John Dryden Franz Kafka Petronius
Samuel Beckett Thackeray Nikos Kazantzakis Pindar
Saul Bellow George Eliot John Keats Harold Pinter
Jeremy Bentham T.S. Eliot Ken Kesey Sylvia Plath
Beowulf Ralph Ellison John Knowles Plato
Wallace Stevens Ralph W Emerson Arthur Koestler Edgar Allen Poe
Jonathan Swift Euripides D.H. Lawrence Alexander Pope
William Blake William Faulkner Lawrence and Lee Marcel Proust
Heinrich Boll Henry Fielding Harper Lee Thomas Pynchon
Ray Bradbury F. Scott Fitzgerald Ursula Le Guin M K Rawlings
Anne Bradstreet Gustave Flaubert Doris Lessing David Riesman
Bertolt Brecht E. M. Forster Sinclair Lewis Erich M Remarque
Charlotte Bronte Anne Frank Livy Conrad Richter
Emily Bronte Philip Freneau John Locke Ole Rolvaag
William B Bryant Sigmund Freud Jack London Dylan Thomas
Pearl Buck Robert Frost Longfellow Rousseau
Burdick and Lederer John Gay James R Lowell J.D. Salinger
Edmund Burke Andre Gide Malcolm Lowry Sappho
Albert Camus von Goethe Lucretius Jean-Paul Satre
Thomas Carlyle William Golding Niccolo Nachiavelli Sir Walter Scott
Willa Cather Oliver Goldsmith Herbert Marcuse Shakespeare
Catullus Gunter Grass Christopher Marlowe Tennessee Williams
Saavedra Thoreau Marquez Owen Wister
Geoffrey Chaucer Graham Greene Andrew Marvell Shaw
Anton Chekhov E E Hale Thomas Wolfe Upton Sinclair
Kate Chopin Dashiell Hammett Somerset Maugham Gawain
Walter Clark Thomas Hardy Herman Melville R.F. Skinner
Eldridge Cleaver Hawthorne George Meredith Solzhenitsyn
Coleridge Joseph Heller John Stuart Mill Sophocles
Marc Connelly Ernest Hemingway Arthur Miller Edmund Spenser
Tacitus Edward Taylor Alfred Tennyson Thucydides
J.R.R. Tolkien Leo Tolstoy Truman Ivan Turgenev
William Wordsworth Richard Wright William Butler Yeats Emile Zola
Mark Twain John Updike Henry Vaughan Virgil
Voltaire Kurt Vonnegut Alice Walker Robt Penn Warren
Evelyn Waugh H.G. Wells Nathanael West Edith Wharton
Patrick White Walt Whitman Oscar Wilde  
Thornton Wilder Virginia Woolf    

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