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ZOOM Championship Manager
Season 01/02
$9.95 (Win95/98) (DVD Case) (CHAMPMANPR)

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Difficulty: Hard

Learning Curve: About 3 Hours


8.8 from GameSpot

92% from PC Zone (00/01)

Sports Game of the Year from GameSpy

It's The Most Important Game of Your Life!

Championship Manager 01/02 is the 10th Anniversary edition of the award winning and record breaking Championship Manager series.

Championship Manager: Season 01/02 places you once more in the dugout of your favorite team and includes:

Key Features:

Twenty-six concurrent leagues will be playable

Detailed profiles and histories for over 100,000 players, managers, and coaches, compiled by our growing global research team

Full international simulation featuring all the major tournaments plus B-team and U-21 management opportunities.

Improved Data Editor, allowing you to change and modify the stats used in the game. Keep your teams squads up to date or even add yourself into the game.

Enhanced Media involvement, more messages, feedback and variety from the local and national press than ever before

Improvements and New Features:

Full implementation of the brand new EU regulated transfer system All competitions, awards, transfer and disciplinary rules updated; the game is now based on the 2001/02 season!

Vastly improved match engine, commentary and computer manager intelligence

New scouting feature gives the manager the ability to get in depth analysis on your opposition including key players and team tactics throughout the season.

For the ultimate challenge and complete realism, the manager can now play the game with stats of new and unknown players hidden, with only players that a manager would realistically know about being shown. Scouting these players will reveal their full stats.

There is now the ability for managers to make notes on players in the game.

Managers now have the chance to approach the governing bodies to appeal against bans imposed on their players.

Managers can now choose to send players away for surgery to repair recurring injuries.

The manager can now issue the board ultimatums - and vice versa!

Updated player and team photos


Windows 95/98:

Minimum: Pentium 133 / AMD 166, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7. Minimum requirements will allow the user to select and play one league and to run with the minimum database installed.

Recommended: Pentium 233 / AMD K6-2, 64 MB RAM, sound card.


GameSpot by Jon Evans

"Champ Man 01/02 wins another trophy. The enhancements to the scouting system, media and player interaction are all welcome. And the data is as thoroughly researched as ever, standing head and shoulders above the rest."

"Dealing with different character personalities, media interest and meddling chairmen is all part of being a modern football manager and no game comes close to matching the way Sports Interactive has incorporated such issues into the 01/02 version of Championship Manager. Players can go AWOL if they don't like their team-mates, or feel they've been treated unfairly, and dressing room unrest can adversely affect performance. The game nudges further ahead of the opposition thanks the realism of its matches. A number of statistical screens relay information about how the team and each individual is performing. Text-based commentary also provides hints as to how good or bad players are doing. This constant supply of information gives you everything you need to make tactical decisions about formation, style and substitutions. The mark of a good football management game is that you feel you can genuinely influence a result through the decisions you make and Champ Man 01/02 does this better than any other. By contrast, while the 3D match highlights of games like FA Premier League Manager 2002 and Director Of Football look great, they fail to deliver all the relevant information needed to make tactical decisions."


"Sports management games never receive major awards -- there's usually a token text game included with the usual list of EA Sports products like FIFA and Madden, but nobody really takes these games seriously. Championship Manager, arguably the finest sports simulation product ever created, has finally won the accolades it deserves, and we're not a European-based gaming site where football (or soccer) is king. It appears that an international coalition has propelled Championship Manager 01/02 to PC sports' game of the year honors."

"The series includes players and teams from every major and minor soccer federation that exists. It is the ultimate career game. Championship Manager almost single-handedly invented the off of the field dynamic world that exists in career text games. All sorts of training, scouting, and adjusting to off of the field events can affect how your team succeeds or fails on the field. Statistical accuracy is made possible by a dedicated Sports Interactive staff that spends countless hours researching the key soccer characteristics."


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