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ZOOM The Cameron Files:
Secret at Loch Ness
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (CAMERONFPR)

Publisher: DreamCatcher

Mild Language / Mild Violence



A/B from Just Adventure

79% from Adventure Archiv

Uncover The Age-Old Mystery Of The Famous Loch Ness Monster.

Hidden away in the Scottish countryside above Loch Ness, sits serene Devil's Ridge Manor. But its tranquillity is deceptive. For some time now there has been an increasing number of ghosts and supernatural phenomena at the manor. At the request of the famous physicist and owner of the manor Allister Mac Farley, private investigator Alan P. Cameron leaves his Chicago office for the mists of his ancestral land. Does the fabled sea monster play a part in the goings-on?


Confronted by strange phenomena, the player must help Cameron with his investigation, from the obscure corners of the Medieval castle, to the old scientist's secret laboratory and finally to the troubled waters of Loch Ness to solve the mystery.


A gripping graphical mystery adventure certain to capture the imagination .

A game of investigation, intrigue and adventure.

Environments, settings and characters created in full detail.

Motion capture technology provides true realism to the characters' lip movements and facial expressions.

Original storyline & original score.

On his way to Mac Grabb's distillery


Windows 95 / 98 / Me / XP:Pentium 166 MHz (200 recommended) 16 Mb RAM (32 recommended) 4 x CD-ROM Drive (8x recommended) 3D Accelerator Video Card


Just Adventure by Tom Houston

"Initially, you decide that it would be prudent to find Lord MacFarley and as you explore the castle and its surroundings, you gradually uncover revelations that move the story from one of primarily investigative activities to one with deepening implications that increasingly threaten your life. The result is a quick story line pace, ever thickening plot and exciting survival challenges."

"...I particularly like detective stories with lots of exploration opportunities and Loch Ness provided that and more in a fast-paced, challenging, yet enjoyable fashion. In addition, the graphics and animations are superb…you might say flawless. All in all, I can recommend Loch Ness without hesitation to those of you who enjoy detective stories and those who liked the Dracula games."

Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"The first thing you'll notice about Loch Ness is the terrific music. Music, like voice acting, is a department with troublingly few highs when it comes to games. So it really stands out that the game uses a robust and dramatic Highland-flavored score. Each chapter heading is accompanied by this vivid music, and it was so nice to listen to that it actually stopped me from plunging immediately forward. And let's just say than when a game has music you want to stop and savor, it's a good thing."

"The puzzles in the game are entertaining and intuitive. This isn't one of those brain-spraining games where you'll depend on the walkthrough to save your sanity. The variety of brain ticklers is excellent as well. The puzzles play fair with the player, and don't get in the way of an entertaining story. I must warn the reader that the game does contain a few timed puzzles, but they are actually fun and pretty forgiving, as timed puzzles go."

"...Like Road to India, Loch Ness is a mild, solid, atmospheric and entertaining bit of manna from heaven for the adventure faithful."

Quandary Review by Gordon Alpin

"Like most of the games from the Wanadoo stable this is a first person perspective, mouse-controlled adventure where solitary exploration and investigation are paramount. The inside of the manor is richly detailed depicting a proud history yet away from the main floors there is also evidence of decay and neglect. The graphics are very good, particularly during the cut scenes and the sound effects of creaking floorboards and the moaning of the wind all add to the atmosphere. Though I thought this was a little overdone in Cameron’s room which sounded like an old sailing ship in rough weather. Because sounds do sometimes provide important clues in this game I wasted much time trying to discover the source of the creaking."

A decayed chapel"Overall, though, Loch Ness is an enjoyable game despite my few criticisms. The inclusion of some quite pointed hints in the notebook make it a good choice for novices though experienced players might want to use it sparingly. The story is intriguing and lighthearted with an amiable main character. I enjoyed exploring the lonely old manor and its stark surroundings on the shores of Loch Ness. It’s a suitably haunting setting for an ancient mystery with links to a more contemporary one. And, of course, there is ‘Nessie’ and I have a photo to prove it."

Adventure Archiv by slydos

"Loch Ness" is a pure adventure game, in which legends, mysterious appearances, old family secrets, innovative inventions and intrigues are mixed with a detective story of the Thirties. A lot of suspense is created and maintained by surprising turns and the increase of the difficulty level. Who wouldn't like to know, what it's all about with the monster of Loch Ness? Now - perhaps Cameron will discover this secret.

"An entertaining and varied adventure, however without really demanding puzzles. The excellent graphics and the good handling are on the positive side, rounded off by an error free technical aspect. I would state the average game length with approx. 28 hours, depending on if you have more or less orientation difficulties with some puzzles (not using a walkthrough). "Loch Ness" is much better than "Necronomicon" - Wanadoo's last mystery adventure - and for me it is also quite in front of Dracula 1 and 2 by a short head."

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