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ZOOM Dark Age of Camelot
$14.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (CAMELOTPR)
$9.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (DVD Case) (CAMELOTDPR)

Publisher: Mythic Entertainment

Only playable on-line



9.0 from IGN

RPG Game of the Year from GameSpy


Live the Legend!

Dark Age of Camelot features a mythical online world brought to life in 3D accelerated graphics. Align with and play against thousands of online players, choose from scores of race and class combinations. Write your own chapter in the mythical battle for supremacy between Albion, Hibernia and Midgard.

Explore 3 Vast Realms Inspired by Arthurian, Celtic and Viking Myths:

Battle your way into enemy lands, conquer and hold keeps, and return captured relics - rewarding all players in your Realm with special bonuses

Advance your character and gain the tactical advantage of learning which styles and spells work best against different enemies

Unique servers support different playing styles and rules - giving bother `power' gamers as well as more casual ones a comfortable place to play the game based on your suggestions

Build siege weapons, armor, and thousands of other unique items with a revolutionary trade skill system, where you can embark on a career as a player merchant

A New World to Explore, Deadly Enemies to Fight - A Kingdom to Rebuild

King Arthur is dead, and with him the force that held three Realms in an uneasy piece. Now the defenders of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia are locked in a mortal struggle to defend their sacred relics and preserve their homelands. Band together with fellow champions of your Realm from every class and race. Witness wondrous magic clashing with deadly siege weaponry as raiding parties cross frontier battlefields strewn with the bodies of fallen warriors. As heroes, they return with captured treasures and the insignia of victory.

Hibernia, closest to nature and magic of all the Realms, brings a potent ability to channel for forces of magic and unleash its destructive force on their enemies. Human Celts and the almost-giant Firbolg live in close harmony with forest, glen, and all nature's creations. The Otherworldly beautiful Elves and small mischievous Lurikeen harness the power of primal magic.

Based on Celtic legends and otherworldly Elvish high fantasy, Hibernia will appeal to all nature and magic aficionados out there. Druids, Rangers, Eldritches - this Realm has them all!

From the rolling hills of Camelot to the mountainous peaks of Snowdonia, Albion is through and through the land of Arthur. Forged from his iron will, paid for by the blood of Knights and commoner alike, Albion encompasses the ideals, the laws, and the heritage of its most famous King. The people of Albion are a mostly homogenous lot - sturdy Britons, hulking Highlanders, graceful swift Saracens, and tall intelligent Avalonians make up the different races in the Realm.

For those who choose to join the fight to reclaim Arthur's glory, Albion has much to offer the intrepid adventurer. Albion specializes in a diverse mix of player classes; from doughty weapon-users to magicians of many types, to clerics to Longbow-proficient scouts -- those and more rally in defense of the Realm.

From the snowy lands of glacier and fjord come the legions of the Norse, heeding the call to once and for all establish the rule of Midgard upon all the Realms. Midgard, land of lakes and wide slow rivers full of snow-melt, is home to four of the most diverse races found in the three Realms. Norsemen, humans who make themselves at home in these snowy wastes, short but resilient and tenacious Dwarves, huge lumbering trolls, and lithe dexterous Kobolds.

Join the forces of the Norse as they answer the call from their diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses -- each player class in Midgard is directly attuned with a Norse deity, who grants special abilities and advantages to their minions.


Win95/98/ME/XP: Pentium II 450 MHz (Pentium III 450 MHz recommended), 256 MB RAM with PII or 128 MB RAM with PIII, 32 MB Video memory with PII or 16 MB Video memory with PIII, 3D accelerated video card, 500 MB free hard disk space, 28.8Kbps modem or higher required. Note: Voodoo 2 and earlier cards are not supported.

OnLine game only - Includes first month free. Further gameplay requires payment of a monthly fee.


IGN by Jeremy Conrad

"...From day one, the game has been stable with only a few minor bugs to cause players grief. Instead of logging on to find the servers down on day one, each was up and I was able to get right into the game with no problems.

"The game actually has a story behind it, and its one that instantly drew me in. I'm a huge mythology buff, and to find a title that combines Celtic folklore, Norse mythology, and Arthurian legend is almost a dream come true."

"Another thing that is instantly apparent when you start playing is that the game is just as accessible to casual players as it is to those who stay up all night adventuring. You can play for an hour or so at a time and still get plenty done, getting enough items to feel pretty satisfied. Many low level monsters drop armor, and money comes pretty easily."

"Each Realm is huge. There is no zoning except when you go into one of the main cities or a dungeon, and the geography of the game perfectly matches the map that is included in the box. This is very cool, as the map is helpful in finding your way. Follow a path on the map, and it will take you where you want to go. If walking or running isn't your thing, then you can pay a bit of silver to ride a horse along a pre-determined route to another city, and there are even teleportation methods in the game."

"Take out the core, boring combat from EverQuest and then expand on the game in every good way that you can imagine and this is what you get. The game is one of the most well-rounded MMORPGs yet."


"Fantasy books are full of tales of mighty battles between armies of good and evil. For good or evil, many people like to pretend to live in online fantasy worlds. Usually these worlds are for camping, not going to war. In the massively multiplayer, online RPG Dark Age of Camelot, three races compete for glory in medieval times after the death of King Arthur. Armies stream into the frontiers, surround enemy fortresses, and open up with siege engines. Let the siege begin!"

"Besides refining MMORPGs, Mythic launched Dark Age of Camelot almost seamlessly in sharp contrast to the terrible launches of most other massively multiplayer games this year. Mythic clearly put their experience from years of running MMORPGs to good use. Thus, we award RPG of the Year to Dark Age of Camelot."

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