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ZOOM Calendar Creator Version 7
$19.95 Version 7
(Win95/Win98) (Jewel Case) (CALENCR7PJ)
$14.95 Older Version 4.0
(Win3.1/95/98) (Jewel Case) (CALENCR4PJ)

Publisher: Broderbund

Publishing / Calendar

All Ages

Create Custom Calendars and Event Lists

Calendar Creator is a powerful calendar making and scheduling program that's also fun and easy to use. By providing formatting options that include pre-designed templates, calendar styles, and thousands of graphics and photographs, plus a wide variety of options for color, borders, shading, and printing, this program enables you to personalize your calendars in completely unique ways. In addition, Calendar Creator provides you with an electronic address book for storing all your business and personal contact information, plus a fully functional event list which can be sorted, filtered, printed, exported, and shared over a network.

Calendar Creator's features fall into three categories: Calendar and General, Address Book, and Event Management.

Calendar and General Features

  • Direct entry of events into day cells
  • Easy selection and placement of images using the Art Gallery browser
  • Pre-designed templates and QuickStyles for easily creating distinctive looking calendars
  • Options for adding shading, borders, pictures, effects, and text in various fonts and colors
  • Calendar views that include: daily, weekly, multi-weekly, monthly, multi-monthly, and yearly
  • Print options for single or multiple page calendars and multiple calendars on a single page
  • InstaBook capabilities for printing calendars that can be cut and folded to fit into your personal organizer
  • Split window option for simultaneously viewing your calendar and event list
  • Over 3,500 clip art pictures and photographs for illuminating your calendars
  • Ability to share your calendars over a network
  • Password protection to control shared information
  • Ability to synchronize your desktop and Palm Connected Organizer

Address Book Features

  • Keep your important numbers and addresses close to your schedule
  • Instantly address emails and direct-dial phone numbers from your address book
  • Sort and search addresses, phone numbers, and other information in a variety of ways
  • Categorize people in your address book by groups, and then address email to the entire group

Event Management Features

  • Track repeated events for days, months, and years and indicate any exceptions to the pattern
  • Import holidays and other preset events into your calendar
  • Enter event information and notes directly into your calendar and event list
  • Sort and categorize events in a variety of ways
  • Link participants from your address book to your events
  • Share events
  • Update shared events

What 's New in Calendar Creator 7.0?

This updated version includes a quicker method of creating custom calendars, instant rescheduling, and preset print formats for popular binder-style organizers. Some of the new enhancements and features are:

  • Calendar Wizard to create instant calendars using spectacular images grouped by theme
  • Pre-set standard formats to print calendars for most popular organizer formats
  • Drag and drop rescheduling to eliminate the need to open dialog boxes and change event dates
  • Enhanced display capabilities to ensure that multiple events in one day appear on the calendar
  • Ability to save calendars as HTML, Bitmap, and JPEG files for wallpaper or Web postings
  • Hidden categories allow you to "hide" specific events in your shared files
  • International date checking allows regional settings and displays 15 May 2000 or May 15, 2000, as appropriate

These new capabilities, along with the many outstanding features revised form earlier versions, enable you to create one-of-a-kind, professional-quality calendars that help you stay organized and on schedule.


Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, Pentium 90 or higher, 16MB RAM, 30MB hard disk space, SVGA graphics card and monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive, 8 bit sound card and speaker for alarms, mouse.

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