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ZOOM Burpee
3D Garden Designer 3.0
Millennium Edition
$14.95 (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (BURPEE3DPR)

Macmillan Publishing


Plan the Garden of Your Dreams

W. Atlee Burpee & Co., gardening master for more than 100 years, has combined the comprehensive information of a gardening encyclopedia with spectacular visual and planning capabilities, including these new sections...

Water Gardens

Explore different types of water gardens, complete with design tips, installation advice, pond maintenance, water plants, a seasonal pond care guide... all with lots of great photos.

Themed Gardens

The latest in garden design, our new collection of themed gardens includes...

  • A Hummingbird Garden
  • A Children's Garden
  • A Moonlight Garden
  • A Patchwork Quilt of Perennials
  • A Fragrant Path
  • A Summer Seaside Border


  • Nearly 400 new plants & photos added to an already extensive encyclopedia - more than 1,700 in all.
  • New pre-drawn garden shapes for the gardener who wants to dive right in.

Special Features:

  • All new Water Garden Section
  • New Themed Gardens to choose from
  • Heat Zone Planner for worry free gardening
  • Completely integrated Encyclopedia and 3D Planner
  • Garden Primer and Garden Style Guide to get you started
  • Visual database of more than 1,700 annuals, perennials, bulbs, trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs
  • Online catalog link enables you to easily purchase what you've planned

From Dream to Reality...

Plan your garden with the Burpee experts

Completely organize your garden before you put a spade into the ground with this powerful garden-planning tool.

  • Start with one of our 50 pre-rendered garden designs, including new water and theme gardens
  • Test designs and plant combinations with ease
  • Plan for each season and see how your garden will change from spring to summer to fall

See your garden in all season glory

It's easy to bring your garden to life using the 3D mode. Take a virtual stroll before you do any planting, and see how your garden changes through the seasons

  • View your garden from different angles, or zoom in and out
  • Print out your plan and even use it as a map when planting
  • Customizing your garden is foolproof with Heat Zone and Hardiness Zone information from the American Horticultural Society

Learn to pick the plants that are right for you

Easy access to an extensive encyclopedia of more than 1,700 plants makes choosing the right plants easy.

  • Hundreds of entries and photos of plant species and varieties
  • Complete information on soil requirements, starting plants, controlling pests, and more
  • Answers to the question Burpee gardeners ask most


Multimedia PC including Windows 95 or Windows 98, Pentium recommended, 16 MB of RAM recommended, 10 MB of hard disk space minimum, VGA card with 256 colors minimum, 640 x 480 resolution, color monitor, CD-ROM drive.

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