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ZOOM Bug Adventure
Sold Out (Windows) (Jewel Case) (BUGADVPJ)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 3 to 8


Top 100 CD-ROMs from PC Magazine 1994

Get Bitten By the Bug

Take an exciting, inviting, interactive journey into the creepy, crawly world of insects. Which bug is the loudest? The longest? The fastest? The sweetest? Who's got an eye with 10,000 lenses? Get facts and answers in the Bug Encyclopedia. Bug Adventure allows you to settle into the Honeycomb Theater to view clips of bugs doing incredible things.

Key features:

Bug Encyclopedia

Over 100 extensive descriptions of insects, their structures and habitats

Read a talking storybook, play games and more

Bug Adventure uses life-like animation, three-dimensional graphics, sound, and text to teach children about the world of insects. Your child will learn facts about arthropods while developing reading and researching skills.


Windows - IBM compatible 386-DX-33 minimum, 4 MB RAM required, 5 MB hard disk space minimum, SVGA w/256 colors (640x480), Windows 3.1 or later, SoundBlaster 16 or compatible, 2x speed CD-ROM drive.


PC Magazine, September 13, 1994

"You knew they were creepy and disgusting, but did you also know that aphids are the sweetest-tasting bugs and cockroaches the fastest? You would if you spent some time with Bug Adventure. This latest offering in the Knowledge Adventure line takes kids aged 3 through 8 into the flitting, flying world of bugs - without bringing the critters into your world.

"Kids have six multimedia activities to choose from: the Bug Storybook, where they can read along with a bug tale; the Honeycomb Theatre, where they can watch bug movies with an animated insect audience; the Bug Reference, the heart of the program and where the study material is housed; the identification games Can You Find Me? and Who Am I?; and the 3-D Bug Basement, where they can don silly glasses to view full-screen bug images.

"Each of these areas is just a mouse click away, thanks to an amusing and intuitive graphical interface. (One of the highlights is a flyswatter used for returning to the main menu.) There's lots of learning to be had here, but kids will just think they're having fun.

"You may be repulsed by the videos and 3-D pictures, but chances are good that there's a budding entomologist in your midst who would really benefit from a Bug Adventure."

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