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ZOOM Encyclopædia Britannica CD 99
Multimedia Edition (2 CDs)
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT) (Retail) (BRITANNPR)

Publisher: Encyclopedia Britannica


2 CD set

Suitable for All Ages


9 from boot Magazine

Begin the Journey of a Lifetime

Discover the power of Britannica CD 99, one of the world's most authoritative sources of knowledge. This premium edition features more articles, more information, and enhanced performance. Just ask a question in everyday language or browse a list of titles to find the answers you need, then access your articles. It's that simple and easy to use. With thousands of images and immersive interactive multimedia, your family's road to discovery will be as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

New for '99:

  • New and updated articles
  • Better search capabilities
  • New data in Analyst
  • More images
  • New attach Note feature
  • Enhanced performance
  • More Internet links
  • New Family Learning Guide

We've Made It Easy To Attain Great Knowledge

Search by asking questions
Where does silk come from? How long have people worn glasses? How do fireflies light up? Whatever you need to know, just ask Britannica a question phrased the same way you speak. Britannica CD's Full Text Search will quickly analyze your request and select the articles that best answer your question. You'll get the information you need and much more, quickly and in fascinating detail.

Search by a list of titles
Use Browse Titles and gain quick access to a comprehensive title list of over 73,000 articles. Time-saving filters help narrow your search and refine your list. Then just select your topic and directly access your article.

Streamline your title search with filters
Go quickly to the accurate, detailed information you want when you filter your title search by type of article, category, place, or media.

Get the big picture
Use Spectrum to thoroughly learn about a subject and all its related matters. This unique feature offers a systematic approach to information by organizing it around 10 major branches of knowledge such as Matter and Energy, The Earth, Human Life, Art, Technology, and Religion. True discovery begins when you click on a category to reveal additional levels of information, taking you deeper within that field. For instance, enter The History of Mankind and end up at Harpers Ferry in the American Civil War. You'll gain rare and powerful insight into the context of human knowledge.

Discover A World Like You've Never Imagined

Travel with Compass to the top of Italy's Mt. Etna or visit the jungles of Cambodia. Then take a closer look at these two diverse countries with Analyst, a powerful comparative tool. Use them independently or combine them to make the most of a comprehensive geographic atlas with statistical portraits of over 191 nations. Compass and Analyst help bring a complex world into focus in fascinating and unexpected ways.

Navigate around the globe
Use Compass to take you to any destination, from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the Australian outback to the rain forests of Brazil. Explore the effects of global deforestation or, perhaps, scout an overseas back packing route. With multilevel maps, current articles, and up-to-date national statistics, you can click your way around the world or zero in on continents, countries, cities, geographical features, or peoples. Compass is your passport to the world.

Continent Maps present facts about populations, precipitation, vegetation, and land use. For example, find out how many people live in rain forests or desert regions. Related articles are displayed with each map.

Country Maps explore cities, rivers, or other geographic sites. Click on hot links to explore the Amazon River or stroll the streets of Buenos Aires. Link to Analyst for statistics and data comparisons of your choice.

Compare and analyze countries
Examine the world in fascinating detail with Analyst, Britannica CD's easy-to-use, analytical feature. Compare statistics between a nation and a region, or any two nations. Then create in-depth, customized reports, graphs, and tables which you can then export. It all leads to a better understanding of the world's diverse relationships. Analyst is a quick and effective means to obtain enlightening information for the research analyst, professional, or student.

Illuminate - Educate

Spotlight a subject
Bring to life such timely subjects as dinosaurs, ecosystems, and the American Civil War with Spotlights, the sensational, in-depth multimedia feature. Immerse yourself in the exciting interactive animation, text, photography, and video clips, and enliven your family's Britannica experience while inspiring new levels of discovery. Spotlights provides links to related articles throughout the encyclopedia to further enhance your learning experience.

Explore the history of mankind
Trace the histories of two subjects at the same time with Timelines, and see how events or discoveries from one may have influenced the other. Examine music, technology, science or other fields of interest during a given time period, interchanging topics as it suits you. For instance, explore ways religion may have cast its shadow on architecture or technology during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or the 20th century. You'll never look at world history in the same way again.

Learning springs to life with multimedia
Witness events from the creation of the Earth to the exploration of the heavens with Britannica CD's visually thrilling, information-rich interactive multimedia. Thousands of images, video, animation, and Related Internet Links will allow you to experience subjects in ways you never thought possible.

Help inspire young minds
Britannica CD was created with the student in mind. It offers quick, easy access to the world's most in-depth body of knowledge without ever having to use complicated computer jargon. History, geography, biology and more, are presented in fascinating detail with the aid of thousands of images and Related Internet Links. As an important aid to study, the student can easily produce reports, graphs, maps, and tables which can then be exported. In addition, easy-to-use bookmarks and notes help mark their way and inform their research. Britannica CD can do wonders for a student's grades. Imagine what it can do for their mind.

A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

73,000 articles - Discover over 3,000 articles not in the print set.

8,500+ photos and illustrations - Add a special dimension to your research with this stunning collection of images.

1,200 maps - Travel "hot-spotted" and animated maps clear around the globe for geographic and political fact-filled tours.

Animations and video - Immerse yourself in interactive features that bring to life such subjects as science, art, and history.

Over 30,000 related Internet links - Enhance your understanding when you access information from Related Internet Links. Links are reviewed and approved by our editorial staff and can be updated monthly.

1.4 million hyperlinks - Expand your base of knowledge with extensive links to additional articles and multimedia.

Dynamic charts and tables - Create a virtually infinite number of charts, tables, and reports comparing world data

Index searches - Simplify and refine your search of more than 400,000 entries, with over 10,000 links to images and tables

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition - Get the right spelling and the definitive definition with this invaluable reference.

24 hour technical support - Receive dependable, around-the-clock assistance.


Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0: 75 MHz Pentium processor or higher recommended, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 80MB free hard disk space, 4x or faster CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor/display card 800x600, 256 colors minimum (16-bit color recommended), sound card and speakers (Windows compatible), mouse (Windows compatible), printer recommended, Internet access option requires modem.

Feature Standard Ed. Multimedia Ed.
Articles 73,000 73,000
Photos and Illustrations 4,000 8,500
Related Internet Links 30,000 30,000
1998 Yearbook X X
Free 30-day Internet access X X
Full-text search X X
Improved filtered search X
Updated Analyst X
New Notes feature X
Multimedia Presentations X


boot magazine, April 1998

"Encyclopedia Britannica's CD 98 reference has the answer to any question - and an in-depth one at that. Going through 72,000 articles (over 44 million words) by hand could take a while; luckily, this modern adaptation of the 32-volume print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica gives you the tools to find what you want.

"You can search the contents of the disc via natural language (e.g. 'Who invented the television?') or craft a more detailed search with Boolean search terms. However, the natural-language search engine proved powerful and generally returned relevant entries on the first attempt.

"An additional online component connects you to the full-text version of the encyclopedia on the web, allowing you to search new entries that haven't made it to the print or CD editions yet, along with an index of web links..."

"You just can't get a more authoritative and useful encyclopedia anywhere else."

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