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ZOOM Blade of Darkness
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2000) (Retail) (BLADEOFDPR)

Publisher: Reel Act / Codemasters

Game: Action Adventure

Animated Violence / Animated Blood and Gore


Epic Slash and Slay Action Adventure

For centuries, the Sword of Ianna has remained hidden, the keys to its discovery scattered throughout the world. Chaos threatens; a Champion must be found, a Swordbearer brave and skillful, to battle through the hordes of darkness and raise the Sword in the name of the Goddess. Only then can the looming malevolence by forced back to the Void ....

Beyond Brutal:

Bloodthirsty slash and slay quest adventure

Scores of vicious enemies with over 100 unique weapons, each with individual attacks to be learned.

Superb AI Innumerable enemies use traditional melee combat techniques against you.

Stunning, richly detailed fantasy world. Real-time lighting casts eerie and terrifying shadows.

Unrivaled blood and gore combat engine. Hack off an enemy's limb, then thrash him with it.

Learn devastatingly fluid combo attacks and use them to slice your enemies to pieces.


  • New portal engine allows real time lighting, volumetric lights and shadows.
  • Real time physic and fluid system.
  • More than 16 different realistic outdoor/indoor environments: frozen landscape, desert, Arabic Palaces, Hindu Temples, volcanos, Lost Island, mines...
  • Four characters to choose from, each one with specific skills. Playing Character progression depending on your abilities.
  • Up to 100 different weapons: sword, axes, spears, bows, shields, magic weapons...
  • Up to 25 different races of enemies: orks, trolls, golems, demons, skeletons...
  • Up to 100 puzzles and traps combining physics, hydraulic systems, arrows, fire, stone balls...
  • Effects: water reflections, smoke, particle system, acid lakes, magic auras.

Introducing the Champions of Ianna:

  • NAGLFAR: Dwarvan Messenger
  • TUKARAM: Of the Irkanois
  • SARGON: Of the King's Knights
  • ZOE: Adventuress and Bounty Hunter

The Storyline

The Lord created Chaos, and divided it in two parts, the Light and the Darkness. He gave to them life and thought, and so were born the Spirit of Light and the Prince of Darkness. But the Prince held the unspoken desire of supplanting his Father. He learnt in secret the language of Creation and tried to create a new being. But the newborn would not accept the commands of the Prince of Darkness, and growing stronger, took part of his own essence and created terrible monsters and demons. The Lord and the Prince of Light tried to stop it, and they waged a great war. Gradually, the being was weakened and finally defeated, but after this the Father was exhausted, and withdrew into the depths of the Universe.

The younger Gods, proud of the victory, completed the creations of their Father, giving shape to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. However, the Prince of Darkness attempted to corrupt the souls of the fledgling race of man, amidst the confusion of a new war incited by dark creatures of his own creation. The Earth was in a moment of extreme danger, so one of the younger daughters, Ianna, cast a powerful spell that expelled the gods from their dwelling place and kept the Earth closed to them. The Spirit of the Light went to the Sun and from there protected the Earth during the day. Ianna went to the Moon, to protect it during the night. Thus began the cycle of Day and Night, and a new age of balance was born over the Earth. But all of the gods’ creations remained, leaving mankind to contend alone against the darksome fiends.

The struggle continued for many years, until a young hero emerged to defy the Darkness. He was chosen by Ianna to wield the Sacred Sword, and fought the Evil in its own lair. The Darkness was defeated, but the hero was mortally wounded, and his friends buried him with his Sword in the Temple of Ianna.

But all that was long ago… Now, something strange is happening. The signals are clear. Foul creatures are awakening from their dormancy, and spreading terror and destruction… The Darkness has returned, and the end is near. A new hero is needed, a chosen one who will wield the Sword, and destroy the Enemy forever...


Windows 95/98/Me/2000: Pentium II 400 (Pentium III 500 or higher recommended), DirectX 8.0, 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended), 16 bit Direct Sound compliant sound card with 8 MB RAM (with 32 MB RAM recommended), 8 x CD-ROM drive (24x CD-ROM drive recommended), 750 MB free hard disk space.


`Blade of Darkness made my jaw smack the floor .. utterly staggering, primarily on the visual trip .. eons ahead of the pack' - Happy Puppy

`Purveyors of mass destruction will certainly have the tools to accomplish just that' - Computer Games OnLine

`The two things which have made the game really stand out are the dynamic lighting and the gory combat' - Gamespot PC

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