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ZOOM Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter
$18.95 (DOS) (With Manual) (BLACKKNPO)

Form Gen Incorporated


Suitable for all audiences


3 stars from PC Entertainment

3 stars from Computer Gaming World

As the mission starts, you will find yourself in the cockpit. If this is your first time flying, then Beginner Mode is active. Beginner Mode displays help at the top of the screen, and this will help you through your mission.

Black Knight contains a menuing system which organizes its features in an intuitive form.

Main Menu - your gateway to the game: access various missions, either training or combat. Also access functions that give you complete control over many aspects of the game.

Training Missions Menu - These specially devised missions are designed to make you familiar with various aspects of the game. There are 8 training missions.

Combat Missions Menu - Each mission has a briefing line that tells you what your mission objectives are. Each mission has a primary objective. During the course of a mission, you can attack other enemy targets as well.

Create Mission Menu - Set up your own combat scenario. Set each option to what you want, and then try it out yourself.

Free Flight Menu - allows you to climb into your F/A -18 and take it for a 'Sunday Drive' without worrying about any bandits, SAM launchers or waypoints. You can set time of day, sky conditions and fog conditions.

Flight Recorder - You may capture the momentous occasions in your game using the Flight Recorder.

Flight Controls Menu - This allows you to select how you will control your aircraft. There is a wide range of choices.

High Score Menu - Takes you to the listing of the highest scores obtained in the game.

Terminal Menu - Provides access to several options that assist you in having control over the game.

Requirements: PC-compatible 386/486/Pentium system, 8 MB RAM, Hard Disk With 20 MB Free, VGA or Better, MS-DOS Version 5.0 or Higher.

Recommended: Joystick or ThrustMaster, Sound Card and/or MIDI Device, Mouse, 486/DX-66 or Better


PC Entertainment, February 1996

"Form Gen has a flight sim designed to help newbies take to the air and start downing some bogies - without having to wade through a 200-page manual."

"Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter puts you - and a computerized flight instructor - at the controls of an F/A-18 Hornet. To help you get started, the vocal instructor talks you through everything from taking off to targetting to landing. Dialog boxes pop up to explain weapons systems and other cockpit controls. A status bar at the top of the screen keeps you up to date with critical information such as speed and rate of climb."

"If you've always wanted to try a combat flight sim, but didn't know where to start, Black Knight could be your bird."

Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"Green pilots can start with eight training missions, which guide you through such fundamentals as take-offs and landings, waypoint navigation, air combat, and ground attacks. Such basic training, coupled with onscreen text cues and an in-flight instructor, help make this an ideal choice for those learning to stretch their flight sim wings. Free-flight mode also helps novice pilots learn flight controls and cockpit instrument layouts."

"Once you're ready for action, Black Knight antes up 50 full-featured combat missions, escalating in difficulty from simple arcade-style shoot-outs to tactically intense combinations of air and ground offensives."

"If you're a green recruit to PC air combat sims, this should be enjoyable introduction. It's simple, but sleek, and not at all intimidating."

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