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ZOOM Big 16 Pack
$9.95 (DOS/Win95) (16 CDs in sleeves) (BIG16PO)


Game / Pack

ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults

16 Best Selling Games

Alien Logic

Leave your world behind and step into the exciting reality of ancient mysticism and futuristic technology. Alien Logic propels you 3,500 years into the future - and promises role playing unlike any you've ever imagined. Your adventure on planet Jorune will be an unforgettable alien experience. Open your mind to Alien Logic!


It's the incredibly stunning visual communications highway of the future! And you're the star of Virtual World Broadcast TV's hit show - MegaRace - with an audience that's out for blood. To keep the ratings up you're pitted against five of the nastiest drivers ever to take the wheel in a wild virtual race to the finish...yours...or theirs.

Metal Marines

Zorgeuf and his terrorist band have commandeered a revolutionary new power source into the ultimate weapon. Your resources are limited and time is short to save the people of United Earth. Your only hope of stopping the military madman rests in towering alloy mechanized warriors that even Zorgeuf's forces can't stop. Plan carefully, execute perfectly, and in the end...bring in the Metal Marines.

Commander Blood

You're Commander Blood, part human, part robot, searching for the meaning of life. You've just dropped through 1,000 miles of gaseous nitrogen in your exo-rover, in search of a big, ugly alien with information to peddle. This planet's no picnic; the light is weird, the smell is awful, and the trail is getting mighty cold. Grit your titanium teeth, endure some bad non-Terran comedy, and finally get some answers.

Ultimate Domain

Medieval adventure in a realm you control! You're the leader of a small band that's determined to create an empire. Iron has yet to be discovered, the wheel is non-existent, and military prowess is game years away. Success will require strategy, innovation, and perserverance. Govern your colony well and you will be rewarded.

Crystal Caliburn Pinball

More than great graphics and spectacular sounds. More than the latest arcade features like 3-D ramps and three multi-ball play. More than fast ball movement, precise flipper control and whole playfield visibility. Crystal Caliburn has that unique playability and never-ending challenge that keeps you coming back for just one more game.

JetFighter II

PC Magazine crowned JetFighter I the "best flight simulator on a desktop computer, period!" JetFighter II continues the tradition featuring the amazing F-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter, the fastest, smoothest 256 color VGA graphics in the industry, booming Ad Lib sounds, and the most spectacular jet dogfight action you will ever experience.

Tom Landry Strategy Football

Get all the hard-hitting action of pro football with this strategy computer game co-designed by world-renowned Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry. Tackle tough coaching decisions and feel the thrill as your team runs, passes, and goes for the score. Match wits with the best minds in football and learn about the fine points of winning.

Casino Master Multimedia

Learn Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Keno, and the Slots from professional gambler and teacher John Patrick. All games offer on-screen help and advice, video instruction, and money management. This disc also includes a Casino Travel Guide for U.S. casinos.


A secret experiment is awry at Genoq Biomedical Laboratories. D/Generation, a terrifying new life form, has turned against its creators and the internal security system is blasting employees. Use your wits, instincts, and your laser to unravel this mystery and destroy D/Generation. Virtual reality meets action adventure.

Pac In Time

If you were hooked on Pac-Man, you'll flip over what he's up to today. The evil Ghost Witch has cast a ruthless spell on Pac-Man, hurling him back to an earlier time. Only you can determine his future. So down some Pac-Pellets and prepare to battle the Ghost Monsters in snowy mountains and haunted forests for Pac-Man's survival.

Puzzle Power

With over 600 pre-designed puzzles and infinite possibilities in creating your own, Puzzle Power is positively perplexing. Six different puzzle varieties to choose from and multimedia themes create never-ending, always-challenging fun. Choose from 500 New York Times Crosswords, take advantage of Roget's Thesaurus in Kriss Kross, or go Wordsearching. This is the ultimate puzzle package.

Savage Warriors

Savage Warriors is set to kick the teeth out of anything you've played before. Interactive environments, realistic moves, and rippling intensity knock out the competition. Choose from eleven, 3-D environments that let warriors leap onto rocks, swing from beams, and pick up weapons. It's 100% hardcore action as you and your chosen warrior take on all enemies before facing the mighty villain in a showdown of epic proportions.

Dragon Lore

You are Werner Von Wallenrod, living in a vivid, surreal realm lost in time. Your father has been murdered by the evil knight, Haagen Von Diakonov, who has sworn to destroy everything you know and love. You are untried, unproven, and now you must take up the sword, shield, mace, and battle-ax to defend your homeland. Discover the realm that takes role-playing graphic adventure to a higher level.


Rule the ancient world in this detailed strategy game. Legions lets you relive the most glorious struggles for power in the ancient world. Choose from 10 exciting historical settings - from Caesar's conquest of Gaul to the Peloponnesian War. Or choose from a variety of random fantasy worlds. You have the power to crumble the mightiest empires to dust.

The Psychotron

Over 50 years of research in manipulating Extra Sensory Perception has brought Russia to the pinnacle: The Psychotronic Generator. In a cash-crunch, Russia sells The Generator to the United States government. but, somewhere en route, it vanishes. Now, through interactive interrogation of likely subjects and combing for clues in 3-D environments, you must find the Psychotron.

Requirements: Windows - IBM PC or compatible 486 SX 25 MHz processor or better, 4MB of RAM or higher (8MB recommended), hard disk, SuperVGA graphics adapter and color monitor supporting 640x480x256 colors, MPC compatible sound card, MPC rated single speed CD-ROM drive (double speed recommended), Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 compatible, Microsoft compatible mouse, MSCDEX 2.2.0 or higher.

Requirements: DOS - IBM PC or compatible 486 SX 25 MHz processor or better, 4MB of RAM or higher (8MB recommended), 580K of free conventional memory, hard disk, MPC rated single speed CD-ROM drive (double speed recommended), MS DOS 5.0 or higher, Microsoft compatible mouse, Sound Blaster compatible sound card, MSCDEX 2.2.0 or higher, VESA VBE 1.2 compatible Super VGA graphics card and monitor required.

NOTE: All MS-DOS CD-ROM products included in the package run under Windows 95 in the DOS Mode environment only. MS-DOS products in this package are not compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, or Windows NT.

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