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ZOOM Bible Verses
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Retail - 3.5" Floppy) (BIBLEVERPF)

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Publisher: KaizenWorks Publishing

Screen Savers

Inspiration, Strength and Hope

Begin your day with the Word. Each day you will be greated with selected verses chosen from the King James and New International versions of the Holy Bible.

Displays a new screen each day. Day-Savor automatically greets you each day with a new passage, breath-taking scenic photographs, music, a perpetual daily calendar and more...


Easy to Use. If you know how to turn on a computer, then you'll know how to use it. Requires little memory or disc space.

Print-Out Feature. Print as a greeting card or add a personal note and print in letter style.

Customizable. Add your own text or images, set time displays, change fonts and colors to suit your style.

Instant access to a Daily Calendar lets you enter info or print daily agenda for any day of any year.

Mini-Note option shows smaller version for continued viewing in the corner of your screen.

Bookmark your favorites.

Search entire library by keyword.

Includes a screen saver.


3.5" Diskette - PC 486 or 100% compatible or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher or Windows 95, 4MB RAM (8MB with Windows 95), 3MB free hard disk space, floppy drive, speakers (recommended, VGA monitor w/ 256 colors or higher.

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