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ZOOM Battleground Collection 1
Sold Out (Win95/98/Win3.1) (Retail) (BGCOLL1PR)

Talon Soft


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults - Realistic violence

Four Epic Games

Battleground 6: Napoleon in Russia

Stop Napoleon's mighty war machine. The Russians began their long retreat back to Moscow after narrowly avoiding the trap laid for them at Drissa. Napoleon gave chase. Now the two armies clash in a bloody confrontation that will take the lives of more than 70,000 men.

Battleground 8: Prelude to Waterloo

Thwart Napoleon and lead the allies to victory. The Stage is set, the battle plans are drawn, the armies are grouped in the Prelude to one of the greatest wartime episodes in history. Will the French cavalry catch the fleeing Allies? Can d'Erlon destroy the Prussians? Will the Imperial Guard break the Allied lines?

Battleground 3: Waterloo

Napoleon: emperor or outlaw? Napoleon's fate, and the future of Europe, hang on a single battle. Will the French columns force the thin red line? When will Napoleon hurl his beloved Imperial Guard into the maelstrom? Can Wellington push the Emperor to defeat and disgrace?

Age of Sail

Victory on the high seas. Real-time naval warfare at its most bloody, brutal and tactical. Battle the greatest Naval Commanders in history. Rise from a lowly Ensign to Admiral of the most powerful fleets in Britain, France, Spain or the newly formed American Navy.


  • Lavish attention to detail, dazzling full-color graphics, 2D or 3D views and dozens of re-enactment videos blend into an extravaganza of true multimedia entertainment.
  • The Battleground Series - the ultimate Windows based military strategy range, matches epic action and revolutionary software technology.
  • The critically acclaimed 3-D Battleview combat system makes every player a soldier, fighting at front-line range.
  • Meanwhile, the parallel 2-D system renders all the strategic perspective needed for true command integrity.

Requirements: Windows 3.1, Win 95 or Win 98, 100% PC compatibles, 486DX33 minimum, 5MB minimum free space on hard drive, double speed CD-ROM drive, 8MB minimum RAM, Microsoft compatible mouse, 256 color SVGA, supports 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768 screen resolutions, all Windows compatible sound cards.

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