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ZOOM Beneath a Steel Sky
$4.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case) (BENSTEELPJ)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.




4 stars from Computer Gaming World

B+ from Just Adventure

Probably-Not-So-Distant Future

Paranoid population.
Psychotic criminals.
Power hungry corporations.
Big Brother government.
Haves and have nots.



In the not so impossible future.
In the melting pot of Union City.
All man's social problems are coming to a boil.
Under the claustrophobic lid of a steel sky.
From the pit of the industrial level
To the belly of the commercial sector.
To the spheres where the rich and powerful play.
It's Man against Man.
Man against Machine.
Man against Time.
In an urban hell only you can liberate.


This action adventure features:

Innovative Virtual Theatre environment generates a sophisticated world where every action you take has repercussions and each character you meet exists outside its current location.

Over 100 locations designed and art directed by award winning comic book author Dave Gibbons [of The Watchmen fame].


IBM PC or 100% compatible with 386 processor or better, DOS 3.3 or better with MSCDEX, 2 Megs of RAM (of which 550 k free base memory), 256 color VGA graphics, CD-ROM drive with consistent transfer rate of 150 kps. Supports: AdLib, Roland and Sound Blaster.


Computer Gaming World, November 1994

"There is lots of animation, the music is catchy, and the voice-overs turn out to be really enjoyable. The game is extremely funny, dabbling from time to time in outright farce, risque puns, and dead-on satire."

"Probably because it comes from the U.K., where people are less uptight about such things, Steel Sky will strike American audiences as a daring game in a lot of ways: it skirts the margins of acceptable content, flirts with nudity, startles you with occasional snatches of dialogue that would get bleeped off a network broadcast, and generally has hints of having been intended for the pleasure of players well past adolescence."

"What makes Steel Sky so enjoyable is less its technical sophistication than its writing. The game not only builds suspense well with its basic get-out-of-the-city-before-it's-too-late plotline, but also cuts the tension with abundant comic relief and conjures up the texture of a good pulp novel through well-timed revelations about your character's true identity."

Just Adventure by Jenny Guenther

"[You] find yourself, once again, unwittingly, the only person qualified to save the world and humankind. Can you do it? Of course you can. You are an adventurer, after all!"

"This game was developed by Revolution Software, Famous for Graphics, and even though the pixels are big, the care taken in the drawings is very evident. The graphic designer for Beneath a Steel Sky is comic book author Dave Gibbons (The Watchmen). The opening and closing cut scenes are in comic book style, but the rest of the game brought to mind the Broken Sword games in the quality and style of the graphics. Like those, this is one good-looking game, despite its relatively advanced age..."

"...I have an old 486/33 with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 for just such situations, and I loaded this baby up... I had a lot of fun playing Beneath a Steel Sky, and it was sure nice not to deal with the usual installation issues and patches galore. These days, it seems that half the game is to get the game up and running--not this time."

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