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ZOOM The Beast Within:
A Gabriel Knight Mystery
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Jewel Case) (BEASTWITPJ)

Sierra On-Line


Difficulty Level: Advanced


5 stars from Computer Gaming World - Critics Choice - Game of the Year, 1996

4 stars (out of 4) from HomePC

4 stars from PC Entertainment

Awesome from New Media

96% from PC Gamer - Editors' Choice

4 stars from CD-ROM Today

Where Shadows End, the Hunt Begins

From the darkly prolific mind of creator Jane Jensen comes the next Gabriel Knight Mystery: The Beast Within. Now we find Schattenjager, or shadow hunter, Gabriel and his assistant Grace Nakimura deeply embroiled in a murderous mystery that unravels half a world away.

Play as both Gabriel and Grace as they are dispatched to Munich to solve a series of mutilation murders thought to be the work of werewolves. Gabriel confronts his own demons while Grace traces an historical mystery, that of the strange demise of Mad King Ludwig II. The hunters become the hunted, and the only hope for deliverance lies in the most desperate of schemes...

Requirements for PC 486/33MHz+, 8MB RAM+, 20MB on hard drive, mouse, SVGA (640x480, 256 colors), 2x CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound cards, DAC required. Supports Windows compatible sound cards.

Tested OK on Windows XP.

Requirements for Mac: 68040 33MHz+, System 7.1x+, 12MB RAM (16MB recommended), 2x CD ROM (4x recommended), 640x480x256 colors, 3MB HD space. Supports: Power PC Native Mode, 16 bit sound.


Computer Shopper, May 1996

"Vampires are a dime a dozen in books and movies, but when was the last time you saw a really good werewolf story? Sierra On-Line's The Beast Within (a.k.a. Gabriel Knight 2) is a terrific werewolf tale, and an adventure that surpasses even Sierra's recent Phantasmagoria as a landmark in CD-ROM cinema."

"...Jay Usher's music is so good it's startling; you'll watch the entire opening credits without hitting the Esc key."

PC Entertainment, March 1996

"Sierra On-Line's new full-motion-video adventure, The Beast Within, is one serious monster, with a hefty, dark storyline and plenty of challenge. This six-disc sequel to Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father comes packed with tons of puzzles, 6 1/2 hours of video and more than 20 video characters with which to interact."

"Also, The Beast Within demands an incredible level of detail. Miss one seemingly inconsequential hot spot and you may not be able to finish a chapter. Worse yet, beyond a small hint on the game map, you won't find any clue about what you've overlooked. If you thought Sierra's Phantasmagoria was too short, you won't have that problem here. This game is big, though partially because you have to pound a lot of pavement taking care of busy work such as mailing letters and making phone calls.

"Don't worry - it's worth all the effort. The Beast Within is not just an intriguing mystery/adventure with loads of strong game play and outstanding full-motion video. It may also be the most thrilling - and chilling - history lesson you'll ever take."

HomePC, April 1996

"Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within is a mighty accomplishment, and a bit of a surprise; where the first Gabriel Knight game was tedious and burdened with extraneous detail, Gabriel Knight II grabs you quickly with its tale of werewolves, mad kings and composers, then keeps you riveted until its operatic finale. Its story, puzzles, and cinematic style will never cease to challenge, intrigue and excite you."

"...The new game matches Phantasmagoria's sophistication, and it runs just as beautifully, with exquisite integration of video and non-video segments. (It also resembles Phantasmagoria in another way: That game used a whopping seven discs: The Beast Within needs six.) But where Phantasmagoria was knee-deep in gore here you won't have to wade into a red sea to find intelligent, satisfying gameplay. It may be a sequel, but Gabriel Knight II is one of a kind."

Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"When I saw the initial Gabriel Knight game, I raved about it as ' exceptional blend of art, game and understanding.' Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within is even more so. The story is fascinating, the writing is deft, the acting is well above the computer game norm, and the soundtrack is near perfect."

"Plot, puzzles, characterization and art all lead to one of the most ambitious denouements ever in graphic adventure game history. The lost-opera-of-Wagner scene is worthy of a film epic. It offers tense moments, comic relief, and a fascianting catharsis. We've always believed that a significant amount of production resources should be spent in rewarding the gamer who plays all the way through the game. Gabriel Kinight 2: The Beast Within transforms game endings - a dynamic finish to a most dynamic game."

New Media, June 24, 1996

"A Gabriel Knight Mystery: The Beast Within is the best interactive movie on the market. It combines a comples, engaging mystery with excellent acting, true-to-life problem-solving and high-quality images and music.

"The game's designer and author, Jane Jensen, mixes werewolves, Bavaria's 'fairy tale' King Ludwig, a lost Wagner opera, businessmen regressing to their carnal natures and a couple of crazy occultists from Pennyslvania. Then she spices it up with sexual tension, jealousy and fear. 'I tend to write like I cook,' Jensen says. 'I just throw in everything that's in my brain at the time.'"

CD-ROM Today, May 1996

"As a game, The Beast Within has much to offer. There are six chapters, each prefaced by a short movie. During the game, you'll switch from Gabriel's to Grace's perspective as you discover clues and attempt to solve the mystery. Like many interactive movies, you'll be given a list of questions to ask when you encounter another character. Gabriel tape-records his interviews; Grace keeps a notebook. You can refer to both as the case intensifies., and you can edit Gabriel's tapes to trick other characters and/or suspects. Overall, the game play is challenging, with some clues placed in logical spots and some deeply hidden. There is, of course, a fine line between a game that is extremely difficult and a game that is just too complicated to enjoy. The Beast Within dances on that line throughout. It's hard to believe that one could sove this mystery without making several long-distance calls to Sierra for hints, but it's possible"

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