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ZOOM Front Page Sports:
Baseball Pro '98
Sold Out Renamed Baseball Pro



Suitable for all audiences

Real Players, Real Stats, Real-World Physics!

Baseball Pro '98 is your ticket to the Big Show, and the only simulator that really feels like baseball. You may even catch a whiff of newly mown grass and hotdogs! If you're looking for a quick game, our bigger, better Arcade mode is just the thing for you. With improved Artificial Intelligence, convenient game utilities and interleague play, Baseball Pro '98 brings you baseball at its most realistic - and fun!


NEW! Enhanced arcade play.

NEW! Fast Sim lets you play a full season in a third of the time!

NEW! Improved Artificial Intelligence for managers and players.

EXCLUSIVE! Career play lets you see your athletes through rookie season all the way to retirement.

EXCLUSIVE! Camera Angle Management System including all-new hot-key switching between cameras.

Ultra-deep stats in 2,000 categories.

28 Major League ball parks.

Motion-captured player movement.

NEW! Customizable difficulty level controls.

Adjustable realism levels for batting, pitching, base-running and fielding.

NEW! Multiple game modes including Batting Practice, Exhibition Play, Single-Season Play, and Remote League Play.

Short-, Half-, and Full-Season schedules.

NEW! Game utility: Remote Manager automatically sends and receives league data files daily over the Internet.

50-man rosters: 25 on Major League, 15 at AAA or disabled list, and 10 in low minors.

Baseball Pro '98 Dominates the Diamond!

Randy Johnson eyes his former teammate as Tino Martinez steps up to the plate. Dan Wilson gives Johnson the signal for a walk. The Big Unit shakes his head. He won't make it that easy on Tino. He knows it could be dangerous, given Tino's .292 batting average and 117 RBIs, but this isn't about stats or friendship or anything else. It's strictly mano a mano. Pitcher vs. batter. Johnson winds up and launches one of his lethal fastballs toward Martinez...

  • Our motion-captured player movement ensures that the athletes swing, run, and catch just the way they do on the real ballfields.
  • Our exclusive Camera Angle Management System and VCR feature allow you to view and replay the action from any vantage point in the ballpark!
  • Ultra-deep, updated statistics in 2,000 categories provided by STATS, Inc. for every MLBPA player give Baseball '98 total realism.
  • Choose how tough or easy you want it by adjusting the level of realism for batting, pitching, baserunning and fielding.

Wade Boggs Individual player Artificial Intelligence means each player behaves true to life. Instead of canned plays, each major leaguer plays the game with his own personal style. For instance, you won't see Boggs steal bases very often; but look out for his swing - with 2,697 career hits, Boggs has scored 1,367 career runs.

Mike Piazza Interleague Play! Start an interleague rivalry when you pit Mike Piazza, a top 15 qualifier for National League batting champion with a 336 average, against the pitching terror of the American Leauge, Randy Johnson.

Cal Ripken Jr. Exclusive! Only FPS: Baseball Pro '98 has multiseason career play. You can watch Cal Ripken play each game from his rookie days all the way to retirement!

Mark McGwire New! Match up any MLBPA batter and pitcher in Batting Practice mode. In 1996, Mark McGwire led the A.L. in on-base percentage with .467. Set him up against every pitcher in the majors to see if anyone can stop his powerhouse swing.

Jay Buhner Exclusive physics model! No other baseball simulation gives you the true-to-life physics of Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98. In '96, Jay Buhner had 138 RBIs and hit 44 home runs. Send 'Bone' to lofty Coors Stadium and see how this super slugger does at high altitude!

Barry Bonds Baseball Pro '98 delivers every MLBPA licensed player with up-to-date stats form STATS, Inc. In 1996, Barry Bonds had a .308 batting average, and led the National League in both bases on balls with 151 and intentional balls with 30.

Requirements: Pentium, mouse, sound card w/ Win 95 drivers, 8-bit (256 colors) video drivers, 2X CD-ROM, hard drive, 16 MB RAM.

Preferred: Pentium 120+, 32 MB RAM, joystick w/Win 95 drivers, 4X CD-ROM, accelerated video card, 16-bit sound card, 28.8 modem.

What the Pros are saying:

"This game is definitely a keeper - for the first time I know what it's like to face myself a the plate." -Barry Bonds, San Francisco Left Fielder

"Take it from me, Baseball Pro is the closest thing to the Big Show." -Bret Saberhagen, Boston Pitcher

"It's almost as fun as playing in the real game." -Scott Erickson, Baltimore Pitcher

"The management aspect of this game is first-rate." -Bill Russell, Los Angeles Manager

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