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ZOOM Battle Chess Enhanced
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case w/ Manual) (BATTLECHPO)

Publisher: Interplay


Battle Chess Begins...

There is a darkness over the battlefield. The wind sighs gently and there, in the distance, comes the flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder. With a sudden gust of wind, your warriors appear: the King, the Queen, two each of Bishops, Knights and Rooks, and before them all, a row of Pawns. Waiting, your King turns to you, ready to order his servants forward to their deaths in your battle to rule the field. Yet you hesitate. In that moment, you hear the clank of armor as the wind grows stronger, and somewhere nearby, there comes the sound of metal upon metal as one of your warriors draws his blade, impatient for the coming slaughter. Suddenly, the thunder crackles overhead and lightning flashes shadows upon the checkered board. The time has come. There can be no more delay. The storm is upon you, and so to the battle. You make your choice - a Pawn marches forward against the darkness opposing you. And here Battle Chess begins...

Requirements: 386SX or better IBM PC, Tandy, or 100% compatible computer, 2MB RAM: 512K free low memory plus 1MB free expanded memory, expanded memory manager software (such as EMM386.EXE), 640x480 Super VGA with 256 colors, MSCDEX.EXE software, DOS 3.3 or later.


CD-ROM World, January 1994

"Battle Chess is a funny, original, and instructional approach to one of mankind's oldest games. Though Battle Chess has been around for some time, this latest version spares no expense regarding multimedia. With over 31MB of animation and graphics and forty-five minutes of sound, this is not a quiet, calm chess game. The 3D pieces move and fight across the board. Queens sashay, pawns march, and rooks transform themselves from stone towers to powerful rock creatures. Even when a piece is taken, it goes neither quietly nor without defense. A short, often humorous skirmish animates every capture of a piece. You can also switch to a more traditional 2D top-down view on the board. But leave the 3D view on. It provides a great introduction to the game.

"The more serious player will find the Sargon and ChessMaster series more challenging at higher levels. But neither can come close to the fun and entertainment of Battle Chess. That fun really draws you in. Even newcomers to the game will want to learn how to play just to see the pieces capture each other."

"Battle Chess has a tutorial as interesting and fun as the game itself. Pieces walk out onto the board, introduce themselves, and provide beginning players with a wealth of information. They tell (and show) a player how they move. They also introduce the player to a history of the game, as well as simple strategies for play...."

"The game has some nice added features. Players can choose options from a menu allowing them take-back moves, even continuing back for a number of turns. Players can also ask to have moves suggested..."

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