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ZOOM Battle Beast
$18.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (BATTLEBPR)

7th Level



3 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

3 stars from CD-ROM Today

Silver - Arcade Game Title from New Media's 1996 Invision Awards

Beast to Beast Combat

The crisis:

The evil Toadman is breeding toads and setting them loose on the city. In an effort to control panic and smash the growing toad menace, the "General" created Battle Beasts, the ultimate in home protection, who morph into ferocious toad killers, programmed to destroy.

Your mission:

Kill deadly toads while fighting defective renegade Battle Beasts head-to-head to gain power and points. Learn strategies as you fight through nine scenarios of increasing difficulty on your way to meeting up with the evil Toadman in a rousing final battle to the death.

Dead on

Spectacular gameplay that blows away Mortal Kombat Street Fighter and Primal Rage.

More than 100 deadly battle moves such as reverse sweeps, roundhouse kicks, quick blocks and more.

Upgrade armed weapons into flame thrower, pulverizing plasma, missiles, sonic waves and lasers.

Discover dozens of hidden secret moves and strategies.

Fight through nine war zones.

Uncover lethal secrets hidden in bonus and power-up rooms.

Fight against your computer or friends.

Go head-to-head over networks or modems.

Fire rude interactive taunts at your opponent.

Fight in multiple areas of each battle zone and move freely in the Z-axis.

8,000 frames of movie-quality animation, mind blowing special effects and awesome audio.

Challenge an advanced computer brain that learns and reacts to your fighting style.


IBM or compatible 486 33MHz or greater with minimum of 8 MB or RAM (486 66 MHz recommended). 256-color display, mouse and CD-ROM drive. MPC compatible sound card and amplified speakers. DOS 3.3 with Windows 3.1 or later. Joystick highly recommended.


CD-ROM Today, December 1995

"It's obvious from the start that this game is inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, and the fluid animations that introduce each game really set it apart. The premise is as goofy as the visuals: The evil Toadman is sending his hoards of rampaging toads loose on the city, and the General has created Battle Beasts for home protection."

"Appearing at first like warm, fuzzy little critters, the beasts morph into killer warriors to do combat with other renegade creatures, as well as the toads."

Computer Gaming World, November 1995

"There are six different arenas for beast-to-beast combat including an alley, a junk yard and a basement, to name a few. Rather than just popping into each arena, there's a bit of arcade action as you race your opponent through the murky brown waterslide of the city's sewer system. Whee!"

"Beat your opponent into the arena and you'll get a few seconds to whack toads, grab power-ups and look around for secret doors."

"Battle Beast offers several interesting additions to the standard fighting-game fare, and the game's Loony Tunes nature is a welcome breath of humor in an otherwise dark genre."

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