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ZOOM Battle Isle
The Andosia War
$19.95 (Win95/98/ME/2000) (Retail) (BATTISLEPR)

Publisher: Blue Byte

Game - Conflict Simulation



from Adrenaline Vault

It is the Year 345 of the New Age

The year is 345 NA on the planet Chromos, a civilization that once boasted a flourishing society ruled by the Council of the Wise! Power struggles, war, that is the reality on Chromos now, and with The Andosia War, the Battle Isle saga continues its fateful course.

Far from the capital, Hallwa, a sect called the Children of Haris arises and develops into an imposing military power under the leadership of a mysterious and attractive woman. The production of Andosia, a rare secretion, seems to be at the core of all the sect's activities. The sect propagates its intentions unabashedly: the eradication of the Chromian state and, in its place the absolute rule of the sect's charismatic ruler. Following a surprise military attack, the Chromian leadership receives a puzzling message...

Battle Isle Immerses the Player in Every Event

In the tradition of the Battle Isle series, the tactical aspects of the game are carried out in turn based mode. In contrast to a pure real-time strategy, this allows not only more game depth but also more lavish graphic effects, zooms and camera chases, immersing the player in every event. For the execution of military actions, humans with their strengths and weaknesses, as well as tanks, gunboats, inter-island missiles, and plasma artillery are available. Light conditions change during the course of the day. The weather, the seasons and even the tides play a key role in producing goods and planning tactics and strategy. Only quick and flexible planning, the skillful allocation of resources and good judgment will be the keys to success!

A core component of the strategy involves securing the necessary resources and carefully planning how they are to be used. Raw materials must be collected, factories, research facilities and power plants have to be built and transportation systems have to be created. Depending on the stage of economic and scientific development, the production of a diverse range of armaments is possible. All of this, including the actions of the player, take place in real time and continue in the background while the player plans and sets up his military maneuvers.

Game Features

All the economic processes run in real time. You research, mine raw materials, and build up your industries to support your units.

On the battlefield you will be making decisions, move for move. The conditions of the terrain are just as important as the training of your soldiers and the development of new technologies.

Experience Chromos in the completely new richness of 3D - with incredible landscapes and a spectrum of colors through the day and through the seasons.

A compelling background story serves as a backdrop for the unfolding events. You not only take action with military units but also with realistic characters.

Features in Single Player Mode

  • Unique combination of turn-based and real-time resource management with the utmost in excitement and incredible game depth.
  • Fantastically created 3D graphics with landscape elements including mountains, seas, trees, cliffs, buildings and bridges!
  • Fast camera chases, close-up zooms, and special effects.
  • Graphically animated changes in weather, time of day, time of year and tides, all with direct strategic significance.
  • Military actions with no fewer that 40 finely detailed human figures and military machines, nearly all of which can be upgraded.
  • 23 detailed buildings, which can be expanded for a variety of economic and military purposes.
  • Do research on weapons, technologies and factories.
  • Captivating background story based on the Battle Isle saga.
  • Two campaigns with 23 missions altogether.
  • Cut scenes with comics-style artwork by Alexander Lozano!

Features in Multi Player Mode

  • Network (LAN) gaming with up to eight players on two teams.
  • Internet gaming without additional costs via the Battle Isle Internet Server.
  • Player identification with player's own unique flags on tanks and buildings.
  • Automatic update of the game via the Internet.
  • Extensive web pages with player forums and ranking lists.


Windows 95b/98/ME/2000: Pentium II 300 MHz (Pentium III 600 MHz recommended), 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended), 8 MB 3D graphics adapter (32 MB 3D graphics adapter recommended), DirectX 7, 300 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX compatible sound card, mouse, 56K modem for Internet matches.

Supports: Local Area Network (LAN), TCP/IP protocol, CD Audio, EAX, Bump Mapping, Cube Mapping, T&L, Blue Byte Game Channel.


The Adrenaline Vault

"Amazing graphics are what truly separates The Andosia War from not only its predecessors, but also 90 percent of all turn-based strategy titles. Most competing games use poorly scaled models for buildings; consequently, the appearance of moving units tends to be off-balance. The Andosia War's approach to visual presentation is, while not unprecedented in a strategy game, certainly a much better application of 3D-accelerated polygonal warfare than Force Commander. The buildings in Battle Isle stand tall and proud, looking much more authentic when compared with the relative size of each unit. Not only do the structures and units look gorgeous, the special effects reach a similar level of distinction. Plasma bursts shoot out of medium tanks in a streaming blend of violet and indigo, while explosions ignite the screen in a mix of bright orange and crimson. Visually, The Andosia War rocks the boat for turn-based strategy games."

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.