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ZOOM The Great Battles of Caesar
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (BATTCAESPR)

Interactive Magic

Game / Strategy

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Your Roman army is weak from hunger and outnumbered. Facing a savage cavalry charge, you rally your troops and personally lead your proud legions forward to repulse the horsemen. In the distance, you hear fierce battle cries as your reinforcements sweep to victory, exactly as planned. Once again, you came, you saw, you conquered!

Take Command

Control of Rome and its hard-won provinces balances on the point of a spear. As Julius Caesar, you can cross the Rubicon and lead your troops to Rome and the supreme power. Or, as Pompey the Great, Marius, Sulla, or any of their subordinates, you might just defeat mighty Caesar and rewrite the history books. Either way, the prize of the greatest nation on earth is yours to conquer. Or to lose.

Great Caesar's Ghost

Can you match the brilliant battlefield exploits of Julius Casesar, one of the greatest military minds in history? To find out, you must accept the challenge of The Great Battles of Caesar.


  • Covers Caesar's civil war campaign and multiple battles in one package for more variety and excellent gameplay value
  • Contains detailed artwork and accurate battle simulations true to Julius Caesar's era
  • Realistic, detailed units of soldiers, horses, and chariots are completely animated while moving, manoeuvring or fighting
  • Contains solitaire and easy multi-player capabilities - wage war against a clever computer-controlled enemy or use modem, local area network, or Internet connections to match wits with friends.
  • The crafty artificial intelligence provides a challenging opponent for solo games
  • Realistic ambient ancient battle sound effects
  • Assume the role of Julius Caesar or any of his (many) enemies
  • Fortifications and siege style of play offer a fresh gaming experience
  • Reinforcement arriving in subsequent turns change the initial balance of forces in a scenario

Gaius Julius Caesar - 100 - 44 B.C.

Born into a noble family in a time of civil war and domestic unrest was a man who would become a military leader of great note, a man of remarkable intellect and charisma, a man whose name became a synonym for "emperor." This man was Julius Caesar.

In an era of constant warfare, where men rose to political power through military conquest, where military prowess and political might went hand-in-hand, Julius Caesar was the supreme master of war and politics. At age 19, he took a post subduing eastern tribal rebellions; for the next 20 years, Caesar sharpened his military skills and political savvy. Eventually forming a Triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey, he took command of the legions in Gaul. Over the following years, he conquered Gaul (modern France), threw a bridge across the Rhine River to defeat Ariovistus and his Germans, slaughtered the Belgic Gauls, invaded Britain, and created a devoted and seasoned army whose first loyalty was to Caesar. Working his political wiles and writing up his deeds in his Commentaries, Caesar also won over a large part of the Roman public.

Marching his hardened veterans from Gaul across the Rubicon River and into Italy, Caesar precipitated a civil war with his one-time ally, the acclaimed general Pompey "the Great." In a series of far-ranging campaigns that showcased the resourcefulness and skilled leadership so feared by his enemies, Caesar defeated Pompey (and his sons and allies) and became the absolute ruler of Rome and its empire.

Returning to the eternal city, Caesar made himself Dictator for life. Two months later, on the Ides of March, Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius. At his death, Caesar left behind a much-expanded Rome that would later shed its republican form of governement to become the Roman Empire.

The Battles

Vercellae, 101 B.C.
Consul Gaius Marius and his legions vs. the Cimbri, under King Beorix - a barbarian force of almost 200,000 strong.

Chaeronea, 86 B.C.
This is the key battle in the 1st Mithridatic War. Consul Sulla vs. the Pontines under the command of Archalaeus.

Dyrrhachium, 48 B.C.
Caesar and Pompey come to Illyria to settle their differences. both trying to beseige the other. Pompey has the upper hand.

Pharsalus, 48 B.C.
The great set-piece battle of the Civil Wars, Caesar vs. Pompey - one of the most famous battles of history.

Ruspina, 46 B.C.
Caesar leads a small army inland to search for supplies. What they find is a Numidian Army of 30,000 cavalry and infantry.

Thapsus, 46 B.C.
In this, the Last Elephant battle of the Ancient World, the army of M. Scipio plus King Juba's army battle Caesar's legions.

Munda, 45 B.C.
The end of theCivil War is near. G. Pompeius has 13 legions vs. Caesar's eight - but they're his best.


100% Windows 95 compatible system, Intel Pentium 90 or higher processor, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM or faster, 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card, DirectX5 compatible video and sound hardware, Microsoft compatible mouse, SVGA graphics.

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