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ZOOM The Great Battles of Alexander
$14.95 (Win95) (Retail) (005023)

Interactive Magic


Capture * Crush * Conquer

It begins here...The armies of ancient Greece are amassed against you. On the rocky battle plain at Charonaea, you and your father stand against seemingly insurmountable odds. Defeat will doom you to obscurity. Victory will herald the beginning of the most spectacular military campaign in hisotry, one that will carry you from Greece to Africa and Asia. The entire known world can be yours to conquer.

You are Alexander. Take command of the legendary armies of Macedon. Conquer the rebellious Greeks. Crush the defiant Persians. Capture the crowns of kings and pharaohs to earn the most exalted title of all: Alexander the Great. Or attempt to turn the inexorable tide of Alexander's conquest. Assume the role of Darius, Mennon, Clitus, and other celebrated military commanders of the age. Then engage the forces of Alexander in ten different battles to rewrite the history books.

The world is at your feet. Can you match the strategic brilliance of Alexander the Great? Can you conquer the known world? There's only one way to find out...


Spans Alexander's entire career from Prince of Macedon to conqueror of the Western world

Features ten battles plus a campaign game in one package, offering more variety and play value

Contains detailed artwork and accruate battle simulations true to the era of Alexander

Real, detailed units of soldiers, horses, chariots, and elephants are completely animated when moving, or engaging in battle

Contains solo and easy multiplayer capabilities - wage war against computer-controlled enemies or match wits with your friends over a modem, local area network or Internet connection

356-323 B.C.

Over the span of a decade the lands from Greece and Macedonia to Egypt and Asia, the entire world as it was know to the West, fell before the might and cunning of one man and his army: Alexander of Macedon.

Alexander, son of Philip II of Macedon, became a king at the age of twenty, when his father was assassinated. Before Philip's death, Alexander had been raised to rule. From Philip he learned the art of warfare and conquest. From his mother Olympias he inherited a character of passion and violence. And from his legendary mentor Aristotle, Alexander learned the logic and reason that would temper his fiery spirit. Like no other man before him, Alexander was born and bred to conquer the world.

In 334 B.C. Alexander led an army of 35,000 Macedonians and Greeks away from home on the first steps of a journey that would ultimately carry them almost 3,000 miles. Under Alexander's command, his army secured the Mediterranean seaboard, drove south to capture Egypt, battled east to Babylon and deep into Asia; then south to India and back again. The lands they conquered span fourteen modern nations, including Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Soviet Central Asia, Pakistan, and India.

Alexander dreamed of one great empire, united in harmony and fellowship, spanning the known world. From the lands he conquered he accepted native troops into his own army, swelling its ranks and acting as a symbol of his vision of unity. At the age of 32, illness took the life that no other foe could - Alexander died of fever in Babylon, 323 B.C., and his vast empire crumbled shortly thereafter. But as Alexander himself said to his troops before passing, "It is a lovely thing to live with courage, and to die, leaving behind an everlasting renown."

The Battles:

Chaeronea, 338 B.C.

Philip II of Macedon defeates the Athenian and Thebian armies to establish hegemony over Greece.

Pelium, 336 B.C.

Alexander secures his rear lines in the Balkans by smashing the Illyrians, under Clitus.

The Lyginus, 336 B.C.

Alexander subdues the Triballians in his first campaign as king of Macedon.

The Granicus, 334 B.C.

Alexander faces his first Asian test across the banks of the Granicus River against a force determined to stop the invaders.

Issus, 333 B.C.

The Persian King, Darius III, steals a march on Alexander and surprises him by cutting his Lines of Communication.

Gaugemela, 331 B.C.

Alexander, having conquered half of the Persian Empire, turns east to face the huge army Darius has assembled.

The Jaxartes, 329 B.C.

A nasty river-crossing against the always dangerous Scythians.

Samarkand, 328 B.C.

Macedonian expedition under Pharnaces heads north to punish the Scythians but is trapped before Alexander can help.

Arigaeum, 327 B.C.

Alexander assautls a mountain stronghold on the way to the Indus.

The Hydaspes, 326 B.C.

Alexander's last battle, this time against king Porus' Indians and the cataphracted Indian Elephant Corps!

Requriements: Windows 95 - Windows 95 and 100% Direct X compatible system, 486DX/100 MHz minimum processor (Pentium recommended), 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, SVGA

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