Backpacker: The Lost Florence Gold Mine

No longer available



A 60-Year-Old Unsolved Murder Mystery...

An ancient indian myth called the "Cave of Death"...

A strange note, a desperate plea for help...

Andventures await you along the trails of the Great Northwest as you pursue unsolved mysteries in the role of Detective Chuck McBlade.

Hiking, hang-gliding, rock climbing, white water rafting, wild animal encounters, nature discoveries, and much more...


Stunning full screen graphics

Easy point and click interface

Engaging game play

Challenging puzzles

Onscreen guides for identifying plants and animals

Natural world with over 100 scenes

Authentic indian myths and ceremonies

Natural sound effects

Requirements: 80486/66DX MHz or faster CPU, Windows 3.1 or greater, video card providing 256 (8-bit) colors, sound card, at least 8 MB free RAM, hard drive with at least 7MB free space, double speed or faster CD-rOM drive, video for Windows (available on CD).

(C) Copyright 1996 CD-ROM Access. All Rights Reserved.