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Sold Out (Windows) (Retail) (BABEPR)

Sound Source Interactive


Ages: 4 and up

A Little Pig Goes a Long Way

A pig who thinks he's a sheep dog? A duck who thinks he's a rooster? What's going on at Hoggett Farm?

The hilarious answers to these and more of farm life's more philosophical ponderings can all be found in the Babe Interactive MovieBook, a multimedia journey into the magical landscape of the little pig that could.

Based on the Universal release, Babe invites young readers, ages four and up, to explore Hoggett Farm and discover its hidden treasures. The heartwarming story of the farmer and the pig is told in 52-page storybook complete with text, movie clips, photos, animation, sound effects and puzzles. An optional narrator reads the text aloud as it highlights the words and activates multimedia events.

Additional activities scattered around the barnyard bring the fundamentals of early education to life through imaginative and intuitive interfaces. Learning the basics of matching, rhyming, reasoning, counting and more will keep kids entertained for hours.

Parents and children alike will return time and again to Hoggett Farm and the classic tale of a man and his pig - all tucked neatly away inside their PC.


Windows: 386/33 running Windows 3.1 or later; 4MB RAM (8MB recommended); CD-ROM drive (double speed); 256-color monitor; sound card.


HomePC, June 1996

"Meanwhile, Babe, based on last year's acclaimed film, supplements the 52-page storybook about the pig who would be a sheepdog with a variety of paint and puzzle activities; 'Silly Skins,' for example, is a game in which kids can wrap barnyard animals in stripes, polka dots and other daffy designs."

"...but, by and large, their feelings about the PC versions of the films depended on their familiarity with the characters."

CD-ROM Today, May 1996

"Babe's best characteristic is the way it integrates story reading with clips from the motion picture."

"Unlike the film, which appealed to a wide range of age groups by infusing a simple children's story with wildly inventive humor, the CD-ROM incarnation of Babe is not likely to intrigue anyone older than 8."

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